I Need Your Support - Please Vote Me to Win a Steemfest ticket

in steemfest •  10 months ago

I Made it to Quinns SteemFest2 Ticket Giveaway

I am so honored to be one of the top 5 finalist in @quinneaker SteemFest2 Ticket Giveaway !!
I am so grateful for all of my follower on Steemit!

I need your support!

If you would like to help get a chance to win, please vote me in the comments of his post My Steemfest2 Ticket Giveaway Finalists

I wanted to give a HUGE shout out to everyone that has voted me so far!!

@drpuffnstuff @iamthebluerose @charles1 @erodedthoughts @muffintuesday @gowest.alexandra @sageroot @karensuestudios @themovieplace @saywha @soldier @juliank @m31 @kenhudoy @jasonshick @futurethinker @jasonrussell @tarazkp @themilsedition @val.halla @miss.dara @polebird @maya7 @stevenalexander


Thanks so much!!!

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Upvoted ! Good luck and see you there !


Roxane you are going too!! :)
Thanks so much for your support


oh ya. Comment on Quinns blog post to vote for me if you would like ;)
Thanks so much @roxane 😊

Congratulations to you! Have fun for all of us at the festival. Hi super bot!


Thank You. Feel free to help support by leaving a comment voting for me on Quinns blog post

hey bro @acromott,
This is good information, you always update the data to facilitate and analyze. This is a good job.


Thanks for your support !


yes, I support your post...best of luck @acromott.


Don't forget to vote me on Quinns contest :)
Thanks buddy!!

@acromott Emm..
let me follow you, thanks


Thank you ;)

Good post


Thanks man!
Did you check out Quinns contest post? ;)

Good Luck...


Thanks man!
Your support is very appreciated

Great post i hope that thank you


My Good wishes to you dear friend... Upvoted..

Hey Brother!

Super excited to see you and glad that you are choosing to go regardless of the free ticket.

This was so difficult for me to choose as there was some really deserving Steemians who also needed a helping hand to SteemFest.

SteemOn to SteemFest!