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RE: Meet the Steemians Contest - The results, the winners and the prizes

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I know I'm a bit late; but better late than never. I just want to congratule #2 @suesa! and say 1) I rememeber months ago when I first followed you (back when you had 61 SP; before our little tit-for-tat where you and I had a little dispute over something unrelated; by someone unrelated, however I digresss.. you were always someone who was an amazing author & your content never faltered... once. I confused you with someone else when we had that argument a few weeks ago; if you had noticed (beforehand) I don't follow many people & the people I do follow are usually mods/admins / bots with useful information/breaking news pertinent to steemit and after filtering those out probably a handful of 25-40 users who's content I actually enjoy very much including yours. so that leads me to 2) I apologize sincerely for having confused you for someone else & I'm sorry for disparaging your content curation as I was really in a bad mood and again, to re-iterage; I had you confused for someone else! Anyway... i digress.

Congrats :) Your name popped up and I was surprised (in a positive/"good for her") kind of way. Just know that I'm never one to hold onto grudges; and I never considered you anything less than a friend. That whole stupid petty argument we had a few weeks back was a simple misunderstanding/confusion & that's all... but to re-iterate; your content has always been on point and its

great to see that you are being recognized for it !


61 SP was June last year. I didn't even know you back then. Stop telling bullshit. And I'm pretty sure you haven't really read anything I wrote. Please leave me alone.

oh and another quick pour over your blog pretty much explains everything. you don't give a shit about this platform either. you're just in it for the money. here's a word of advise: develop a skill, or work like the rest of us: then provide value to society & then get paid. then blog about your day. don't blog about your day expecting it to be your primary source of income. how pathetic. i pity you

.... He said to the Molecular biologist, who's been working in a lab for a while, and recently became part of "utopian" which is a project on steem that does try to keep the blockchain alive and supports a lot of people.
Geez, you're delusional.

i thought you wanted me to shut up SUESA? jesus put your own narcissism & egocentric pompous stubborn prick cunt bitch ass aside for half a second and realize you're just a human. an average one at best. now for the third time. YOU DONE? or you just gotta get that last word? fucking idiot. idgaf what you do to be honest or what you are. i could give two shits. unlike you i have plenty going on and i log on for the first time in 3 weeks to see your dumbass reply after saying unequivocally "please leave me alone" ...... she said to the user that her obsessive & megalomaniacal responses are all infuriatingly contradictory in every sense of the word. you cannot open your big mouth, then tell someone else to shut theirs. fucking idiot. you must love the "flag feature" after all... you wouldn't feel the need to upvote yourself, disparage others who destroy your argument & then pay to flag those comments so no one can read them. get a life idgaf what you do just go piss off in some corner and stop baiting me then crying everytime i respond. its incredibly hypocritical and for you to have not one negative comment or sentiment to state about yourself just proves my point: you are a below-average, entitled, shitty person. have a horrible new years. if karma does exist, it should be a reflection on what kind of idiot you are online. #keyboardwarrior #troll lmao see unlike you I am who I am regardless of where I am whether its behind a monitor or behind your stinky ass breath so shut ur fucking big mouth already jesus christ.

So classy . . . More amphetamine-fueled narcissistic delusional hate-filled ranting.

Your posts aren't being flagged by Suesa. They don't appear by default because you're such a terrible person, your reputation has been destroyed to the negative realm. Please go back to your two other alternate accounts, this one is dead and if you conduct yourself as you do on this account, they will end up the same way. Good luck, and change the way you conduct yourself.

jesus christ what the hell is your problem? i got the numbers confused; it was 67. and what incentive would I have to tell any bullshit to you suesa? other than to be polite & start fresh? which i've done the first time; where you just pissed off and kept quiet. then once again now; "stop telling bullshit" please don't flatter yourself. you're not that important and you're not worth my time. I distintinctly remember following you. you had 61 or 67. it was definitely you; and you've followed me to. how else did your name end up on my steem chat toolbar? it wasn't an initial inquiry. i didn't message you out of the blue. either you followed me or i followed you but why is that relevant? i come here to congratule you on how you're #2 and that you should be #1 as i literally have read your posts. i was / am leaving you alone. you continue to be a bitch while I've done nothing but show adoration/respect & apologize now twice. it's clear who's the adult here. so please 1) get over yourself 2) I skimmed through a few recent blog posts. the quality was much better than when we initially followed each other; several months ago. back in q2. admit it or not idgaf. and to be honest. would it kill you to stop being such a cunt all the time? "please leave me alone" coming from the same lowlife who had a gossip girls episode with another lowlife on my very account is the very definition of hypocrisy. you're better at post format. I'm a better writer. that's a fact. you can think whatever you want; but nothing will change that. and your post formatting skills are only useful because you only operate on this platform. i'm literally trying atleast to maintain a blog & be polite, respectful, and intuitive while listening & complementing others..

i felt bad about hashing out on you a few weeks ago when you two were talking shit about me. on my own blog post. you couldn't do that on yours? or on his? or on steem chat? instead you had to destroy that one post; and him destroy my entire blog? again my only mistake was getting worked up and letting you idiots bait me.

you got your wish suesa. I will GLADLY WILLINGLY AND HAPPILY LEAVE you the fuck alone (after posting one complementary paragraph; which you flagged lmao. you guys with your flagging. its so damn pathetic. and fyi if you want to compare dick sizes i started at 17 sp got to 70 down to 4 back up to 64 now down to 0 again all because of you guys "flagging". i hope it makes you feel better about yourself knowing that you cannot outdebate me in any/way/shape/form so you can choose to spend money instead to remove me. the difference between me and you? i'm not nearly as petty. as if i'd spend a single penny in steem or steemd flagging you or anyone else. i came here because the man who authored this post sent a memo in my wallet. check if you don't believe. i clicked on the wallet, click on his first post and low and behold i see your name: so i use that opportunity to congratule you for being #2.

the second time i've exercised restraint, and the third time i've shown you kindness & humility. you're obviously a bitch so i won't bother trying to complemenet you for that. atleast matthew is man enough to realize what's done is done and holding onto grudges is some high school girl shit. i guess I'm just dumbfounded as to how the hell you could find it in you to talk shit and flag a complementary post. then again why try to make sense of someone who's just senseless. have fun. lol 61 was june last year. thank you for proving my point; the fact that in under 200 days i can get from 0-70 twice says it all. and im just trying to start over again... now go fuck off and do whatever it is you do. i dont know cause i dont bother i'm working on wall st and literally juggling 7 jobs; in the 20 or so days i have been absent from steemit my signals alone have garnered 3700 followers ON TWITTER no less. and not to mention a free month of "beta promote mode" so to answer your presumptious self-absorbed statement (much like your blog) i have read your content. and its no wonder you've progressed as slowly as you have. this is a platform for content to be curated & authored. nobody gives a shit that you can make ur posts look pretty with a nicer thumbnail. and FYI i got my post formatting on lock now.

I am seriously done... i am trying to give this platform a chance and every time its one prick or another. i left you alone despite the fact you disparaged me on my blog. I apologized for having had you mistakened for someone else despite you leaving a flurry of messages talking shit on mine. i paid you steem to promote a raffle that nobody wanted to participate in and you just took the money & didn't bother to say thank you. so to re-iterate; i don't give a shit about you. i have read your "blog" posts. (more like the ramblings of a teenage high school girl / diary) to care. you are quite the bitch eh. have a nice life. I promise on everything holy you won't hear from me again.

just offer me the same courtesy; and I willl promise to never complement you again. asshole.

also don't confuse the fact that i type 148 wpm with the fact that i "rage" i can't help the fact that i'm a faster writer and much faster reader than you are. i'm not gonna simplify my posts so again don't be a presumptious facetious bitch by assuming my response right now is me paying you any mind. you literally took up 3 minutes of my time. now you're out of my life for good. and your response was only because you flagged & talked shit to me what? complementing you? BUZZ! your times up. go cry in your diary. i got shit to do.

There we go.

  1. This kind of comment ist exactly the reason why I want you to leave me alone.
  2. You apparently confused sp/steempower with reputation. My sp is about 14k, while my reputation is currently at 71.
  3. I never followed you, the people I follow are very selected.
  4. Do you even know #2 of what I am here?
  5. I didn't flag your previous comment. O.o
  6. Yep, quality declined a bit because I'm working the whole day. The current steem price isn't exactly enough to live.
  7. I won't reply to you after this. I'm a bit tired of being needlessly insulted by you one moment, praised the next, and then insulted again. You're unstable. I don't really care. Do what you want with your life and on steem, but leave me alone.

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