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RE: Back from Steemfest

I'm definitely not a techy--being around them just highlights my resistance to it. It does take a little bit of a set-up to have things in order to access things on the road, but if I can do it, anyone can. I could definitely be more technologically prepared. Working on many upgrades after this amazing event. So glad to know you @onceuponatime!


Heyyy I think @skapaneas has a nice photo from all of you guys....! All the gems together 😘😘😘

I bet you would like to have it I am not sure if you want it here public. if not download it and ask me to remove the link.

What a fun photo!! Thanks for capturing this @skapaneas. Truly amazing times these were--history in the making. Thanks for sharing your art--love that we're a part of it!

Thanks! Will go check that baby out! You're beautiful!

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