STEEMFEST 3000. The future is near

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Hello, everyone!)

Today I would like to participate in a creative contest of @anomadsoul, @sndbox, @creativecrypto and @Blocktrades
The terms of the contest you can see on the link.

Under the terms of the competition, participants are invited to show how they see STEEMFEST in the 3000, what it is like.
I have never been to STEEMFEST yet and I have no idea what technologies will humanity have in 3000, so in this work I relied only on my imagination.
As far as I know, the most important problem for everyone who wants to visit STEEMFEST is the money and time expenses for visiting this event. Some people have not money, another can not leave the house because of personal affairs, work and other circumstances. But they all still would like to visit STEEMFEST.
As you can already see, the technologies do not stand still, and now most of our life is more and more immersed in virtual reality. I think that in the 3000 virtual reality will become an integral part of a person's daily life.
Just imagine that in the future such global events as STEEMFEST can take place in virtual reality. You do not need to leave the house and spend money on the road to the venue, but simply put on a helmet or virtual reality glasses and already be among your like-minded people from around the world.
Maybe you will ask: "What about travel, visiting to other countries?".
I think that by the 3000 STEEMFEST will already visit all the cities of the world and this will not be such a problem. In addition, the event may not be fully immersed in virtual reality, and people who do not have the opportunity to attend STEEMFEST personally will be able to use this technology. They will simply put on a helmet from any convenient point of the world and appear at the festival in the form of a hologram, for example. Who knows what else will the technology bring to the world by that time.
I decided to paint with alcohol markers. Initially, I wanted to use a digital and draw comics, but there was not much time to work. Therefore, my work is a small visualized idea, the idea of a some project of the future.

First of all, I thought about how to visualize my idea in the drawing and drew the contours with a pencil. I decided to draw a variety of people, from different countries, different nationalities, professions, etc.

Then I added color .Started with the first picture. On it her I decided to draw the image of Europe and America. Painted the picture with markers. At the end, I drew some of the contours with a black liner. And added the inscription «From anywhere in the world».

Then proceeded to the second picture. On it, I decided to draw people living in the North. As we know, in the North there are quite difficult conditions for life, especially for technology. I hope, in 3000 this problem will be solved. Added the inscription «Absolutely for everyone».

In the third picture I drew the inhabitants of southern hot countries. It's no secret that these countries have a lot of urgent problems and technological difficulties. I hope that in the future progress and technologies will become the property of the whole planet. Added the inscription «Uniting people together».

In the fourth picture I decided to go beyond the boundaries of our planet and draw the astronaut. In the 3000, space will probably be developed much more than now. Why would not cosmonauts join STEEMFEST, especially since the way from space to Earth is not so simple. Added the inscription «New reality of the blockchain».

Finally, I moved to the center. I decided to draw here our planet with the inscription STEEMFEST 3000. The collapsing arrows on top here is a symbol of connections, at the top I also placed the STEEMIT logo as a sign that unites all the inhabitants of our vast planet.

When the picture was completely filled with color, I finally went through my work, emphasized the details, the shadows, increased the contrast.
My work is ready.

Thank you for your attention! If you like my post – please, subscribe).

I apologize if you find mistakes in my text. Unfortunately, my English is not perfect.

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Someday I will go ...

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Great work!


thank you)

Алкогольные маркеры)))

Hello @kleonella, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!