SteemFace preview - a new tool to Verify and Promote your steemit account on facebook [🎆My first 100 Followers🎆]

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Woot! Another day another milestone!

Some whales might scoff at my little number, but as an autism parent I've been trained to make the most of every little victory :)

I've been pretty vague about it because I've been paranoid about someone doing this before me - but I'm so close to being happy enough to open this to the public and it'd be good to get some more feedback on this idea:

Introducing SteemFace !

A tool to securely and easily cross-verify and promote your Steemit account on Facebook

I'll give more detail in whatever area people want to know, and make a detailed launch post when the time comes, but the core of the app is for secure cross-verification between facebook and steemit :

  • Stage 1 You login to the app, it gets your facebook ID and securely verifies using signed requests from facebook.
  • Stage 2 You enter your steem username to claim you own it
  • Stage 3 You cross-verify your facebook ownership and with an easy comment OR json_metadata.

    Once you've verified, the app displays:
  • A secure cryptographic hash in text and image form
  • A tool for people to input a hash and return facebook and steem identities (confirming ID)
  • Your steemit account information & recent posts with easy facebook like and share buttons.
  • The same information and easy liking/sharing for your facebook friends that also use the app.
  • Random post promotion from cross-verified users outside of your direct facebook group

    Example verification robohash

    And this is just the stuff I want to have at launch. I also have a working facebook page tab app thats able to show your recent posts, for business & celebrity pages to show off their latest posts direct on their facebook page.
    I understand not everyone will want to connect their accounts, but remember that everyone uses social media differently and there are a bunch of use-cases here that could be handy that may not be obvious at first.

    Example Scenario :
    Meet "Bob". He's kind of a big deal . He has a facebook account with a massive amount of followers, but he doesn't want to have to publicly announce this steemit thing he just discovered to his fanbase.
    He just want to see how it all works first before announcing it to the world , but everyone is hassling him to verify on his introduction post. Bob is overwhelmed and just wants an easy solution.
    Now he can verify himself in seconds simply by copy-pasting!

    I'd love to hear peoples thoughts, again I'm happy to give more detail on specifics of the implementation and I'm open to any suggestions for feature requests :)

    🎆And thanks to my first 100 followers! 🎆
    I won't let it go to my head. ..

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Great Idea! Looking forward to seeing it in action :)


Thanks mate, its on its way - It's been a full week of work now so I'm happy to hear at least 1 person may give it a go :)

Great stuff! Keep up the good work mate!