As Steem continues to pull away from a now rising 365dMA (red line) everything looks set for a bullish run.!! Current Price = $0.218285.

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#Steem - Technical Analysis

As #Steem continues to pull away from a now rising 365dMA (red line) everything looks set for a bullish run.!!

Current Price = $0.218285.

#Steem - Trends

Short Term - Bullish.

Medium Term - Bullish.

Long Term - Bullish.

#Steem - Chart

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#Steem - dMAs

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#Steem - Current Price

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#Steem - Summary

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Lets aim for 30cents short term!

Steem on

Lets aim for 30cents short term!


That is a great short term target price and one that I would like to see hit within the next 4 - 6 weeks.


Great STEEM statistics!

I predict that in the near future, Steem will increase to a level of $0.4,, Smile

What do you think about @Steemit account powering down, and the fact that they already send 2.5 Million Steem to an Exchange...
Honest to be, i will have to admit i am a bit confuse about this move, specially there is still no official notice regarding this.
Most important... how do you see Steem performing after this massive power down and after so much Steem will reach exchanges!
Wish you a great weekend @stephenkendal

It is more than 2.5!

But really, what is the fuzz all about?? They have stated to return governance to the community and did not intend to keep those accounts powered up. If they would have the intention to dump it, that would have been done already.

There are multiple possible reasons, but I can not see 1 where we would be left empty-handed.. Why punish the ones that have faith in the new leadership and stakeholders?

That would mean that the ones that tried to fuck JS over would get a better deal for their STEEM as the ones that put their trust in him and his team. I know some Chinese people personally, honor means something over there. Something the rest of the world can learn from.

Why are you still here and didn't believe the BS of the previous leadership? For me the reasons are the same.

They can have found investors and selling it OTC, Binance can open margin trading for STEEM and need more liquid STEEM, they can sell it for paying for services, etc...

*not financial advice

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