The smart cat and human relationships

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These were the last pictures I managed to take of the neighbors cat. I say managed because this clever male cat did not stand still the whole time. He is so nervous and impatient in general. Was.


I am showing you these pictures for several reasons. First, because I just recently wrote about his humans - some of the ones who laboriously greet us, more precisely return our greeting, and hope that I won't actually greet them when I pass them.
For this reason, I had more relations and contacts with their cat than with them.
And this cat was an extremely strange creature.


Like his owners, perhaps.
Can it be said that pets are the same as their owners? I think that can be said with certainty. There are even many cases where it turns out that they look alike (I'm not kidding) - pets and humans.

I can't say what exactly my neighbors are like. I never had a conversation with them. I only know what is heard from the side, through their thick fence, through which nothing can be seen. The loud way of speaking, sometimes rude, the music that is heard during their parties - quite tasteless and characteristic in relative proportion for people of lower culture. On the other hand, these middle-aged people have good professions, drive expensive brands of cars, etc. In short, nothing can be said for sure about them.


But their cat is an extremely impudent and at the same time extremely intelligent creature. Compared to him, our three cats look like babies, children in kindergarten, whom he only comes to bully because they are not on his level.


I took these pictures last April and that was the last time I saw this beautiful cat. After the entire summer of last year passed without further visits from him in our garden, we realized that something had happened to him. And lo and behold, the other day, when I went out to take out the trash and the neighbor was out on the street, through that same cover of their fence also came out such a beautiful gray and white kitten, but with longer fur and much younger. But just as smart as their previous cat.


If we had a slightly more normal relationship with the neighbors, I would immediately ask them what happened to their cat. This thought crossed my mind even then, but then I remembered that people here are so strange that any such initiative and such personal questions can be taken by them in a completely wrong way. They can be perceived as an unhealthy curiosity, meddling in their private life, why not a sense of guilt if their cheeky cat is missing or found killed, as has happened to so many of our cats so far...


I remember how amazed our other neighbor was when I spontaneously went over to ask him what had happened to his ostrich that my cats and I had befriended and he disappeared.


Then one day my boyfriend mentioned to me that maybe I really should also avoid contact on the streets, especially with men, because you never know who might be thinking what, even if I say hi. Yes, it looks funny and quite absurd, but there is a lot of logic in it.


So I gave up on further questions and was unable to find out what happened to this kitten. Is it the same thing that happened to so many of our cats - just to disappear without a trace? No matter how clever and cunning they are, someone in the village has managed to outsmart them all.

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