Sunday Ride🚵🏻‍♂️ then Nibbles 🥭 🍍 🍓

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We finally have some sunshine after 2 pretty bleak overcast days here but at least we did better than our biggest city Auckland which has some flooding, i am supposed to be going to Auckland for a weeks work from tomorrow but that is now up in the air...

This morning i took advantage of some nice weather and went for a 24K bike ride which ended with me coming home and jumping in the pool for a swim. A couple of days ago at the supermarket i came across a NZ company called nibblish who make fruit snacks.
I first tried the mango ones and was so impressed i went back and got Pineapple and Strawberry both of which are yummy yummy!

🥭 🍍 🍓🥭 🍍 🍓🥭 🍍 🍓🥭 🍍 🍓🥭

No added sugar( yes i know fruit has sugar) and they seem like a Company i want to support. Here are the Fruit of the ones i have - all are yum
I have been eating them after exercising and speaking of that here are my stats from today using my Myzone belt :)

🥭 🍍 🍓🥭 🍍 🍓🥭 🍍 🍓🥭 🍍 🍓🥭


Smudge was sitting outside this morning looking all cute so i got a picture of him sitting next to his water bowl
Smudge said he would prefer steak🥩 to the Fruit snacks 🥭 🍍 🍓

That has been my Sunday so far which i forgot to mention started with my normal 2.5K morning walk, how has your day been today?

all pics/screenshots are mine
Smudge only approves this post as their are 2 x pictures of him in it

i am @kiwiscanfly



The cat is cute

You can have that food haha

Yes i thought you may say that about the fruit 😂

I heard on the news last night about the floods in Auckland. Apparently, more rain is expected.
Enjoy your Sunday!

Yeah parts of the City have been turned into lakes - I just heard i am still going and this time tomorrow 3.55pm i land.

I saw the weather report is showing more rain and i am heading for one of the worst parts so it should be interesting LOL

Oh dear. Not very pleasant to be flying into a flood. Take care, and keep safe.

Great day.., I will say!

The fruitjuice looks yummy actually..., but I don't know why I don’t like taking them..., i prefer fruits than taking it's extract..

How is your New Solar serving?😊

Hey bro
Solar is going great and i will do a post about our first week or so with it

That Fruit is just dried fruit - you would love it

I heard it was 15 hours of continues rain in Auckland. Hope everyone is safe out there.

And more to come, i will be in the middle of it by this time tomorrow for the next 7 days unless i float away...


Better to skip that plan.

I thought Kiwis only can FLY!

Wow... the Auckland flooding even made it into the news here in the States... must be pretty bad, from what I have seen.

I'm usually not big on dried fruit, but that actually looks pretty good. I had a bit of a change of heart last year when we dried some of our own apricots in the dehydrator... and it was good!

Happy Caturday to Smudge!

Hey hey
I love apricots especially dried, as for the Auckland weather i will be there from tomorrow for a week so i am pleased i can swim.

Smudge had some roast chicken for dinner and is probably out terrorizing the neighborhood as i type this

Oh gosh the fruits snack look so yummy.. and as a manggo lover I wanna try it some..

I wish I could have it in my country Indonesia..
Have a great week to you..

They are very nice thank you :) The Mango ones might be my favorite as they are chewy

Have a good day and thanks for stopping by :)

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Hola amigo un dia muy dinámico en su actividades físicas en su bicicleta, esos frutos secos se ven muy sabrosos, que lindo es su mascota smudge, gracias por compartir con nosotros su día, me despido deseándole éxitos y bendiciones.

wow I drool to see fresh fruit 🤤

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