Made it to 22,000 STEEM POWER

I have had a great Tuesday which was made even better by me getting to 22,000SP! Super Stoked to keep building my Steem Power 💪

This means i am only 3000SP away from being a half Orca , 25,000 SP is the next goal for me then 50K.

Thanks to EVERY account that votes for me i really appreciate the support.
When i started on here in July of 2019 i started with 1500SP which i had brought off my cousin @kiwiscanfly - got ripped but here i am LOL

I have been a sponsor of #SPUD4STEEM for the past year which is a good program to get behind and support.

Here is my Wallet now 😊


Thanks again to everybody

All screenshots/pictures are mine

cant stop looking at my wallet

Kind Regards @kiwi-crypto 🐬🐬🐬🐬



Congratulations on reaching 22K SP.

Here's a 22% vote to celebrate 😊

And thank you for all the great work you do catching the 'naughty ones'...

Thank you for that and i will be using that vote to lock up more Steem.

Half Orca is in my sights

I present 11 accounts that have all had the Covid Jab so can attend the Darklands tour

they are gagging for it this lot...

Have a great Friday Team Steemit

Been Hunting how & low and could only find 7 that want a face to face with the Eng Team, tags ARE looking like they should ✔

got ripped love it

i bet if i had another 1500SP you would buy it :)

Congrats - how about an upvote?

Follow for a follow?

we be longtime friends?

mmm let me think about it

Congrats, you're doing great 👍 cheeers 🥂

Congratulations😍.. Oh you passed me. I am coming 🧟🧟

Soon I will surpass you - just 24744 SP Left😂
Congrats 🎉

🙈🙈🙈 Congrats to you!

Congratulations 👍

Отличная работа! Поздравляю! Я планирую за год набрать минимум 8000! Ещё 8000! Буду надеяться, что всё получится! Отличный рост!

You have done well in your short time here. Good job! Congrats! 😊👍

thank you for that


Congratulations .....

congratulations to you more wins

i hope so as well :)

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