The Ultimate Way to Earn STEEM As Passive Income! - Day 53

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Just in case you have missed the official announcement of the Project, you can take a look here: Let The Show Begin: Introducing The Ultimate Way to Earn STEEM As Passive Income!, and you will have all the details to get you started.

If you delegate Steem Power to my account (@georgemales) you will start earning STEEM every single day based on this formula:

A*19.89%/365= Your daily reward

Practical example:
Let's say you will delegate 500 Steem Power
500*19.89%/365= 0.272 STEEM

Daily reward report:

Steemit ID
SP Delegated
Daily Reward
0.821 STEEM
0.190 STEEM
0.041 STEEM
0.031 STEEM
0.019 STEEM
0.010 STEEM

All Time Leaderboard:

Steemit ID
Total Amount Received
30.026 STEEM
6.139 STEEM
1.700 STEEM
1.616 STEEM
1.395 STEEM
0.645 STEEM
0.240 STEEM
All Accounts
41.761 STEEM

All values are based on the time when this post is generated. As you can see it's simple and straight to the point and no matter what; it's 100% a WIN-WIN situation for all the Delegators!



Hi. I'd like to start delegating 40 SP to your account. ☺️

You can use the following link: Delegate 40 SP
Keep in mind that you will need to have your VP (Voting Power) at 100% in order to be able to delegate...

I'm done. 👍🏼

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