Fastbuds Zkittlez Auto

Somewhere close to me i have my other tent which is being managed by a mate, in that tent at the moment are 5 x Fastbuds Zkittlez Auto's which seem happy in their environment. These are about 25 days old and in the past week they have exploded growth wise.

Here they are 8 days ago

imagejpeg-2 (1).jpg

Here they are yesterday


image credit

I have never grown Zkittlez before and am excited to see how they go, i am currently growing some Fastbuds 🍊 Sherbet which i will do a post about in a couple of days.

I like 🍊 Sherbet as when you press it you get a great amount of Extract which is what i like charging back

Thats all for today folks

I am @dr-autoflower




Hey bro how's it going?

All good here, just blazing

That's massive growth for 8 days..

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