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Planet Steemeum is a very clean and tidy planet, no human walked on it's surface, but we can't say the same about planet earth, it's a mess.

To help and motivate users on Steem, all over the world to spread awareness to care more about planet earth, and to help and promote the Steemeum virtual mobile miner project, and do good at the same time we upvoted 30+ posts from users that are cleaning up trash from our planet.

The users post pictures or a video of the results and are connected to the @cleanplanet project.



The following posts received a 30% upvote from @steemeum, @techtek and @flash4yard


@jakir3 - Hello steemit my first Introduction Post with cleanplanet

@anttn - Dunk the Trash ! Cleanplanet Contribution by @anttn - 25.03.19

@ridoykhan22 - Video For CLEANPLANET PROJECT 25/03/2019

@jackdamen - Day-4 My Contribution For Cleanplanet

@anikearn - CLEANPLANET 🌍⛰️🌎 (25-03-2019)

@rdxhuda - Cleanplanet Project (25-03-2019) on Wooden trees garden another village. (Vlog no #0029)

@akramkhan - Cleanplanet 25 March 2019

@nahid1993 - Cleanplanet 25 March 2019

@t3a - Cleanplanet 25 March 2019

@quinneaker - Picking Up Beach Trash Hobbling Back With Serious Blooody Injury

@outlinez - From Cycling to cleaning - My Actifit Report Card: March 24 2019

@ramjantox - My working time [ 24,03,2019]

@sumonpra - cleanplanet (24.03.2019)

@jackdamen - Day-3 My Contribution For Cleanplanet

@mdaminulislam - Cleanplanet🌍🌴🌍🌍24 March Sunday 2019

@sergiomendes - Cigarette butts on the floor GUILTY

@mitchel55 - Cleanplanet 24 March 2019

@sisir - Cleanplanet Project 24 March 2019

@ganjafarmer - Save the salmon! Activism for real!

@ecoinstats - Cleaning up the parking lot!

@rdxhuda - Cleanplanet Project (21-03-2019) on a ground. (Vlog no #0027)

@toufiqurrahman32 - Cleanplanet🌍🌍🌍🌱🌴 23 March 2019

@toufiqurrahman32 - Result of my last cleanplanet contest

@ridoykhan22 - Video For CLEANPLANET PROJECT 23/03/2019

@jackdamen - Day-2 my contribution for cleanplanet 23 March


@jackdamen - My first contribution for Clean planet

@shogor07 - My cleanplanet project work ( 22-03-2019 )

@nahid1993 - Cleanplanet🌍🌍🌍 22 March 2019

@mdaminulislam - DTUBE CLEANPLANET#Today I tried to cleaned the our city's main street

@saramiller - Daily Trash Pick Up Video with @gardenofeden & @cleanplanet 3.20.19

@anttn - Just Arrived in My Parents Town: I Made a Direct Cleanplanet Contribution - 21.03.19 by @anttn

@n3n - cleanplanet (21-03-2019)

@akramkhan - Cleanplanet 21 March 2019



@cleanplanet - All Together For The Same Cause ! | Clean Planet City Tour #2 | Tous Ensemble Pour La Même Cause !






Steemeum is a virtual mobile miner app based on Proof of Time, that invites mobile mining enthusiasts to the Steem Blockchain, and helps those new but also existing users to get a bit of Steem dollars in there wallets to spend in the Steem Blockchain and the related projects running on top of Steem as well the internal and external markets.

At the moment we are in a closed beta and ask people to test the app, and this can still be entered, by joining the Steemeum Discord server

After you have joined Steemeum on Discord and have been given the testers role, you can download the app from the updates channel. Login with Steem Connect, with your Steem account and press the Start mining button to mine time. The gathered rewards from this, and the other daily miner posts of this week are put into the miner pool and transferred out to the miner users on a weekly base.




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Great initiative really
Thanks to support CLEAN PLANET users


Thank you and glad we can help, If all go well we will do it more often.

thanks you ! that is so nice of you :)
@cleanplanet is an amazing project, simple and direct in real life !

Great initiative and great project!

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