My 9th Payout in STEEMEUM

in steemeum •  14 days ago

Good day Everyone😊😊😊

Hope all is good😊😊😊

My 9th Payout here in steemeum is out.And for those week I've earned "0.228 SBD".As you can see its getting higher and higher😊😊😊So happy to saw that result.
And for this week SBD from the very start to count on I've earned this total "1.076 SBD"

So far this week has the highest payout I've recieved😊😊😊

Thats it steemians,while the weeks getting longer my earnings are getting higher.Thank you so much Steemeum for this gift I've always recieved every week😊😊😊Thank you and God Bless😘😊😊

truly yours,


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Gorabels la dai. 😀 madako pa eto. 😀

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Lage te.😊😊😊Sipag lang😊😊😊