Community Q&A - What is Intrepreneur? 🌟 Bonus! Sidequest!

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What makes this community different from any other?

For starters, is for people who are passionate about working for themselves.

What makes the Intrepreneur community strong is people. Because of the fact that most people who work for themselves have to be downright amazing, to even be semi-successful, I feel like this particular group will be great to work with! With any luck, one day, it will be as big as Palnet.

It's only been a few days since the initial launch of the Intrepreneur Discord and there are nearly 200 members! Not just ghosts either, many people have been active and engaging. There is a very large population in our community who speak Spanish (Español) as well, so whether you already speak it, or want to learn one of my personal favorite languages, this might be a great place for you!

So far, I have been nothing short of impressed with the wonderful minds that have shown up. Many of whom are already taking on their roles as obvious leaders and being very helpful to newcomers. I've just been kind of silently watching to see who I feel is best for what particular role, and give it to them.

While trying to remain structured and independent, at the same time, can cause some confusion. I believe that it's the most effective way to have a situation that helps people grow into their positions more comfortably, without feeling any kind of stress over the so-called "work-load".

It may sound a bit dubious to have some random guy named a moderator "just because", but that's exactly how it is, pretty much everywhere you go. The only thing that's different is I'm being honest about it. If you don't want the role, you don't have to do it, once the community realizes who is fulfilling the role, it will be handed to them.

Granted, there are certain limitations to this, obviously I won't go giving the keys to a castle to just anyone. There are, however, a variety of delicate identities held within every community that shouldn't ever be taken lightly.

For example, you don't want your moderators going around harassing innocent people, and/or kicking/banning people who really didn't deserve it. Who knows what else, but you get the idea.

Which is why I would like to say that I will doing my best to make sure that nothing suspicious goes on, as often as possible, but I can't be everywhere, all the time. Hence, moderators will be role'd without hesitation, so long as their public ethics pass for genuine, humane, and moral. I will give anyone a +@moderator, if you want it, prove you deserve it. If you should decide to abuse this role, it will be immediately stripped away, and you will likely be banned for abuse of power. 👊

Anyone else who manages to end up on the team will be subject to my personal approval, as well as the rest of the community having their say. If there is any issue with a community member holding any kind of administration or moderator's role it will be investigated and resolved as quickly as possible, as soon as it is identified.

If I had to make a rule for the community, I would probably make that one rule, "No abusing others". Not much bothers me more than seeing someone hurting, themselves, or another person, or any animal. When they could just help them instead. If I haven't made it clear yet, to put it plainly, I will not give too many chances to anyone who is abusive to others within our community before they are permanently 👊👊 banned. 👊👊

There are many things to cover, and I can't fit it all in one post, nor do I think most people would ever read such a long post, so I will stop here for now and leave you all with another sidequest.

Sidequest: Tag someone below in the comments, that you know, who is either an entrepreneur, or who would like to be. It could even just be someone who you think might interested in being a part of the community. BUT. Please don't tag random accounts that aren't active, they must have made at least one post in the last 2 weeks. 👀 I'll be checking. 👀
Reward: 5 INT

Thanks for your time, I hope to see your comments soon! Please make sure to follow and stay up to date with the latest announcements, who knows what the future will bring, but I hope you're part of it!


Your upvotes and resteems are greatly appreciated!

Do you have questions about Intrepreneur? Ask in the comments below, or on Discord.

@chekohler @mellofello we are both entreprenurs. Time to start use a New tag #int

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Thanks for the mention. I am curious what is this new tag or project? What is the mission statement?

I Think it is like all new tags. Collect one subject in one tag/homepage. I follow and see what Will happen. CONGRATS !!! I saw you at top 5 at steemmmonsters

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Yeah, I will review the tag to see what going on. Top 5 for now, but the season is far from done. There is still a lot battles to be played. The real action won't start until the final 48 hours of the season. Competition has gotten very tough over the last 3 seasons.

Mellofello Mellofello COME ON COME COME ON oooooohhhhh yyeeeaaahhhhhh (singing and dancing like at a fotballgame)

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LOL, you crack me up. Thanks for the support buddy.

Thanks for the tag looks like it’s going to fun hanging around in this tribe

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I hope so. It feels like it is Tribes, tags and tokens all over the Place just now.

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Aquí les recomiendo a un usuario de gran trayectoria @juanmolina!

@futuremind, this sounds like a great platform to check out!
Plus crystalhuman is a pretty cool fella, pretty sure this is his baby.

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Thanks bro, and yes he is a cool fella!

Cool development, now let me tag my friend @oluwabori

Thanks for sharing, I came I here before of the airdrop I received on my dteem-engine account, I will try buy some before it moons too.
One guy I think needs to come in here is @henryglowz
Thanks again

I think this is a great project, thanks.
@empressteemah and @loveforlove. You ladies are great entrepreneurs. It's time to come on board.

Este es un buen chico. Se maneja muy bien en los negocios, es arriesgado, invierte, ayuda a su compañeros, etc.

Aquí lo dejo @monster-one.


@akomoajong is pretty active if he isn't here already.

Where do we stake our int?

Thanks for the mention!

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I consider you an enterprising person it's time to know about this project

I believe you've got an entrepreneurial mindset @mango-juice

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@dkid14 definitely has an entrepreneurial spirit.

Hello! I think it's an incredible project! Great that you have shared with the community!
I'm glad to have the opportunity to nominate or label someone.
although I have 2. :)
@monster-one a person who knows very well about business, investments and knows the market very well.

@alarconr22 an entrepreneur who helps the community a lot with a good project that supports artists.

buena amiga @yeninsfer ayuda mucho a sus compañeros.

@zoneboy have this enterprising nature of doing things. Definitely nominating him

The more I read about the more excited I get about what you are trying to achieve!

Your attitude towards helping others matches mine so I am really happy to have found you and your new community!

I hope I can use some of my years of experience to help others succeed!

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@laurenzannah A friend I helped get onto steemit. Kinda forced her to. But she's made one post, generally offline. Trying to get her active in the community.

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@risckylu it's the user that put me into cryptos, he's an entrepeneur, he put his footbag passion on motion to start a crew that now it's connected.

also he's a great human being and he's always a hand that i count with, even if i not talk to much with him, he's a honest human being.

also i will mention @elocuenciadsnuda my girl and and an amazing creative being that do videos on youtube and is always renovating his mind, she work everyday with love.

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