Nine new businesses that accept STEEM/SBD added to

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Last week, I announced the launch of - an up-to-date list of businesses that accept STEEM/SBD as a form of payment. The reaction to the site has been great! I have also received several requests to add additional businesses to the site.

Today, I added nine new businesses:

Steem Gigs

SteemGigs is the first freelancing social network on a decentralized blockchain with the power of Fiverr, Upwork & Freelancer combined. They will passionately & proactively help you bring your innovation, dreams, vision, enterprise etc into full-blown life.


This agorist enterprise offers the finest high-technology, fully automatic colloidal silver making machine on the planet. They are a cottage industry that does not voluntarily support oppressive human governments.

Bodram Chicken – Seoksa Branch

A delicious chicken shop in Korea.

Xopus SteemPress Hosting

Xopus is a hosting company that will host your SteemPress website.

de Gudde Wëllen

de Gudde Wëllen is a Cafe-Concert in Luxembourg that accepts SBD as a payment for beer.

Steem Host

Steemhost is a website which works within the Steem blockchain environment but opens up new opportunities for both visitors as well as people in the Steem community who wish to encourage more people to participate. Steemhost offers businesses, organizations and individuals to set up pages which is primarily focused on specifically on them or their contributors to create an online magazine with a Steem twist… hosts and visitors share in the rewards of advertisements found on the site.

Liberty Property Management and Brokerage

Los Angeles based property management and consulting. They can squeeze lots of extra value out of a property by subdividing, creating privacy, strategically making alterations, proper marketing, and pricing. Brokerage is available for the right deal. Owner is a voluntaryist and wishes to associate with others like himself.


DGameMarket is a service to sell and buy games between users.

Hostel Del Lago

Hostel Del Lago is one of the best known hostels in Guatemala, including a hostel, bar, cafe and events space with daily yoga and a spa. Recognized for their fair prices, events, tasty food, community vibes, creative spirit, and beautiful views of volcanoes at a magical lake which has no measured depth…. yet endless opportunities! If you are seeking the perfect hustle and bustle get away for your vacation, visit Hostel Del Lago in San Marcos La Laguna Atitlan.

Know of Additional Businesses Accepting STEEM/SBD?

If you have or know of a business that accepts STEEM/SBD which is not already on the site, please submit it via the website's contact form.

Check out the Site

If you haven't checked out the site yet, be sure to visit!

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This are steps towards mass adaptation... A great info if you ask me

little by little is growing and will become the next amazon although you lack much adjustment in the sense of presentation of image. But the initiative is very good to see all the services together in a single website.

One question, tim ... He received his avinoc token and I registered with his reference link. On the page it says that they sent me the payment but it never came to my ethereum blockchain purse.


I’m still waiting for mine too

Hey whoa, I just saw this resteemed on someone's page! I was just going to check out their newest posts lol but the timing of this is crazy because I'm just about to launch a store that will accept steem!

Ohhhh also! There's this! I almost forgot about this:

They accecpt Steem, BTC, and like one or two others.


Cool :) Would you mind filling out the contact form on the website with all the relevant info?

Excellent, I hope that every day more companies accept this type of currency, every day I am happy to be in this community. I see a great future! :)

Hi @timcliff, Glad see announcement about added 9 businesses in to Lat time I've checked above newly launched website. Most important one is Steemgigs added there. Also I hope will adding more for using our steem/ SBDs.

Hello @timcliff you would let me translate into Spanish, the previous post about your wonderful page called I'll make a mention of the original post.


Yes, go for it :)


Thanks man. Here you can visit the post. Several people are interested in you adding your business: D

It is so great to see the number of businesses that accept steem/sbd crypto is growing and that there are several different types of businesses.

Great efforts, man! Like @alexicp, can I translate this post into russian and post it on my Steemit page with author's mention?

I offered to accept payment in STEEM for something I'm selling on Craigslist. Haven't gotten any buyers, but I thought it'd be an interesting experiment to see if someone in my area uses crypto. 😁

Very nice info 👌👌 from whr do u collect all this data ??


I've collected some myself by coming across various posts, and I've also had a lot of them submitted to me by other users.


Hmmm very nice bro keep goin and thanks for vote

Steemgigs is awesome sounding! I always loved fiverr so it’s perfect.

Posted using Partiko iOS

What is the Best way to transfer steem mobile? Partiko does not offer wallet transfer. Esteem?

Posted using Partiko Android


I haven't used any mobile app for transfers before. Esteem would probably be the best one to check out though IMO.


esteem is quite buggy - i use it for months now. partiko is more smooth. we actually need a mix of both.

very good posts. keep on being big brother

this is a great step forward @timcliff, the list should grow over a short amount of time.
good luck for the future of this. :D

Maybe I should sell my foot support since I’m a manufacturer

@timcliff Excellent incorporations dear friend, especially "Steem Gigs, Steem Host, Hostel Del Lago" A great idea to have all the services that accept payments in steem in one place.
Congratulations for the great job you are doing on the platform.
I wish you a great day


Thanks, you too :)

Awesome. Will resteem.

hi timcliff......nice work...i think

Wouldn't most businesses who use coinpayments also use steem/sbd?
Then again coinpayments has steem/sbd on maintenance anyone know why?
It been like that for weeks...


I’ve tried a few of them and haven’t been able to get them to work.


I go to coinpayments they say it own maintenance but it between weeks suck on maintenance.