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SteemDevs Developer Centric Discord Server


The Problem

For some time now, I have been working as a developer on STEEM related projects. Due to this, I have gained a very extensive knowledge of STEEM programming, hosting a Witness server, hosting a full RPC node, and managing/working with teams. Unfortunately, the STEEM community doesn't really have a very efficient method for developers to communicate, share ideas, collaborate on projects, or simply store links for searching later.

The Solution

To help solve these problems, I have created SteemDevs Discord Server. Unlike other chats or Discord servers, I will be making sure to moderate the quality and content of this server CONSTANTLY. If users do not follow the rules, if they start fights or drama, or just are not contributing in any way to the content, they will be kicked or banned.


While I will provide support and assistance to all users within reason inside the SteemDevs server, this project is NOT intended to cater to non-developers. If you are a developer, you should have the skills and knowledge to use Google and make a best effort attempt to at least provide us with three pieces of information:

  1. What are you trying to do?
  2. What have you tried to do?
  3. What went wrong?

How You Can Help

You can help support this endeavor by voting for and resteeming this post. You should also join the SteemDevs Discord Server if you are interested in programming or wanting to learn. All levels of questions, within reason, will be helped. Keep in mind, developers can be fairly sharp when asked to answer a question that hasn't even attempted to have been answered in the first place.


The actual, living roadmap will be pasted in the server in the channel #roadmap. You will be able to see how the development of the server and the new projects are coming along. One thing I will mention now is the intention of SteemDevs to partner with the MSP Library located at Tutorials, guides, screencasts, and active projects will be shared on MSP Library. Thanks to @aggroed for offering the support necessary.

Also, huge thanks to @FollowBtcNews for becoming the first moderator. (He isn't afraid to clean up the riff-raff!)

What Are You Waiting For?

So .... why haven't you already joined? Your support will ensure that this project not only lives, but thrives and helps to bring together open source developers with a desire to improve STEEM for the entire community.

PS: When you join the server, head on over to #registration and request to be removed from the "noobs" group by posting a link to some of your open source development repositories or projects!

PPS: All programming languages are welcome ... even php.

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This is such a smart move as we look towards the coming of communities. I would think that the various Discord communities would be the perfect injection once this feature is available.

Plant the seed, let it sprout in the window, and then a careful transplant to the community garden where the #steemdevs can flourish.


Appreciate the kind words and it is nice to have you aboard. I'm also curious to see how communities develops

LOL even PHP - love it :-) I will swing on by, will be good to find people for future projects. Thanks for taking the initiative to put this together.

Let me know how I can help this along!

Thank you for sharing this....

I think it will be very helpful, especially for beginners like me who still need lots of great people with experience and knowledge.

Thank you

at last i can confirm my ideas like upvoting power in profile or notification to steem developers, because we havent form to contact them .


Well, keep in mind this is a private party not affiliated with SteemIt. But hopefully if we create a decent enough group our voice can be louder


I believe in this, and am proud to vote for your witness!

Nice one.. It's really a welcoming development for all steemians

Wow increible

Is this a place where I can bug devs to make stuff for me? Just kidding I know that's what a DM to netuoso is for. ;)




I'll stop bugging you when you stop making my ideas a reality.

On a side note: I suppose allowing php devs was a pity move so @sircork wouldn't feel left out?


Even the brightest institutions make room for the special needs

This is awesome, been banging my head against a wall looking through the source code trying to figure out how things work because there is no documentation for any of the API. Makes everything take so much time.

I downloaded the app but it says no one around here to chat :( will the server help me to grow my steemit account?cuz i don't get upvotes and comments on my post. As i'm new here so i don't know much of it. Sorry if the question was irrelvent.


Not really. The server is for skilled developers mainly or people learning programming.

You might check out @minnowsupport though. Great bunch of people that can help you grow here


I got it. Thanx for explaining again..appreciated.

SQL guy here.
Hope I could help.

This post has been resteemed by @minnowsupport courtesy of @netuoso from the Minnow Support Project ( @minnowsupport ). Join us in Discord.

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LOL even PHP - love it :-) I will swing on by, will be good to find people for future projects. Thanks for taking the initiative to put this together.

Thank you for sharing this....
vote n resteem @sultan-aceh

I wont one vote from you pleased

This sounds like a great achievement and a useful resource for the developing community of steem developers. Cudos. I hope your project is a complete success!

I love this kind word

Excellent Idea. Joining

would have up voted had I seen this post on time. Will re steem anyway to get the message out there.....
edit....just noticed I can not resteem a post over 7 days sorry. Will get the next one

Can you please upvote me that would be very nice of you much thanks and love ❤

I like the solution you put through. I support your solution and thanks keep up the good work!!

Invite code is expired or invalid - sadly. And no way to ping or write to the owner of the server? Pretty silly. @netuoso


This post is over 6 months old and I just replied to you in under 10 minutes after you tagged me. Pretty silly.