🎓STEEM Developers: The Rewards System And How It Works (Flowcharts)

STEEM Developers (http://steemdevelopers.io/)

@jphenderson, @rondonson, @steemitqa, @mckenziegary

We are glad the community has shown such a huge interest in our project, it's a confirmation of everything that we thought the community needed and wanted. We know everyone is eager to understand how this whole system works and it was not easy to implement everything, but we did it. The reward system we have created is robust and will serve to benefit everyone involved with growing the platform (Students, Educators & STEEM Developers).

The Students

Prospective students of steemdevelopers.io will need to sign up if they want to become students of a particular program. Initially sign ups for our courses will be limited to 15 students per course. This will give educators the room to educate without having so many students to handle. And it will be easier for us to control the flow of students and get this project off of the ground. The sign-ups will be on a first come first serve basis, but sign ups will happen about every 3 to 4 weeks after ever course block is finished. There will also be a 100 SBD tuition fee needed from people who want to enroll. Of course the 100 SBD is fully recoupable while a student is taking his/her course, so the 100 SBD isn't really a tuition its more like what we like to call a "flake out clause". We want to ensure that every student we enroll is serious about completing the program and that no one flakes out on us or themselves. So as a sign of good faith we are asking for the 100 SBD tuition fee. Please refer to the flowchart for a better understanding of how student rewards will work.

Student Checklist

  • Enrollment (100 SBD)
  • Posts course work to be graded
  • Rewarded for assignments, projects & exams (delegated sp, upvotes)
  • Weekly grade average rewards (A - 30SBD, B - 20SBD, C - 10SBD, D - 5SBD , F - 0SBD)

The Educators

We have already received a very good response to professionals who wish to become educators. On our platform educators will come up with their own curriculum that suits their particular field of expertise. There will also be a educator think tank for educators to talk amongst themselves and help each other with creating curriculum. Once the course material is created the educator(s) will then submit the course to us (STEEM Developers) and we will be responsible for posting the course material. Educators will be paid 10SBD per student that enrolls in their cours. Additionally educators will receive 50% of the payouts on the posted course material. Educators will also be responsible for grading the students on their exams and projects.

Educator Checklist

  • Creates course material
  • Rewarded 10SBD per student enrolled in course (max 15)
  • Rewarded 50% of course material post payout
  • Responsible for grading exams and projects


Our mission is to connect educators and students on a platform where they both can earn money for their time and effort. For our project to continually be successful we will make sure that all the content that is created is stamped with our approval. All the course material given to us will be looked over and reviewed for quality assurance to ensure that every student who enrolls is receiving the highest quality of education we can offer. Educators will send in their course materials, and STEEM Developers will receive 50% of the post payouts on all course material. We will also be responsible for upvoting and rewarding students and educators posts and comments (delegated SP).

STEEM Developers Checklist

  • Connecting educators and students
  • Receive and post course material for students
  • Upvoting student and educator posts and comments
  • Rewarded 50% of course material post payout


There you have the rewarding system and how everyone will benefit from this. We have worked very hard on creating this system so to discourage anyone who is not truly invested in higher education. If you are a true educator or someone who is passionate about learning new things then this will be the place for you. We are hoping to grow the community around this project and we need more people who are interested in becoming educators. So far we have 7 people interested in only 2 days! Which is a great start. This project is happening, and we thank everyone for supporting what we're trying to do. If you have any questions about how this reward system works, please leave a comment.


We are looking for sponsorship in the form of delegated SP from a steemian who stands behind what we're trying to do. If you are interested in helping us grow this project, please contact [email protected].


What a great initiative!

thank you for the support @fuzzyvest!

Very Nice APS im happy


Hope you get that sponsorship soon, keep going!

Thank you for the support!

Interesting business model that can increase the value of STEEMconomy and looking forward to the developments.

Good to see something like this!

YES YE SYES why havent you just called this #steemitUniversity or just make a @steemituniversity account bevcause this could alow steem blockchain to become the blockchain for al schools

what student wouldnt want the chance to make money of thoir posts...even if the teacher didnt give them any upvotes the other steemit users on the blockchain can see these students work and upvote the best ones ensuring that no students potential is wasted because of a lame teacher hah real talent will be recognized and given attention and rewarded!

Imagine if homework was actually useful and children in school got to add value to society with their school reports, where they posted their homework as a steemit post and then theyd ve ENCOURAGED to do their schoolwork if they saw a direct dollar amount attached to it! This could totaly change education and allow chilren to actualy stay intersetd in school, as it would no longr feel ike a huge waste iof time! Kids would get real world feedback to show them hopw important some of thse seemingly boring topics can be...Imagien if you could have submitted all of your essays to steemit? I actually have all my old essays saved on gogle docs and so i should honestly go post sme of the good ones!

Imagine all the STEEMIT posts a modern day college campus could be producing if people new theuir essays were going to be read by lots of people online, and if they knew they could make money from them they would actualy be more motivated to do wel on the essays and make them entertaining! it sjust going to change the whole dynamic of school and allow children to have a savings account at an early age, and the idea of a lockedin power up where kids hve to waut 13 weeks to get their money back is REALy useful for stoping young peopel from impulsive sopending habits!

I know this post is about steem developers project bt youre School system and flowcarts make me think we coul use this for Steem Bockchain powered univrsities

This could be a branch to SteemItUniversity yes.

yes, the plan would be to expand at some point!

Yes. Steem Uni could be a game changer.

WILL be, not could be, IT WILL be

Steems DPOS delegated proof of service system is fuckin BEST BESBTEBSTEBST OMG YEAYAYAYA

makes me go cray thinking about all its uses

its one of those things like Linux.....at first people dont think linux will ever be used for anything....and then android comes oit and Linux is the number one operating system on Earth.....swish swish bitch.....cant touch this

another one in the basket

Hey, I'm putting you on the msp-shanehug list so that I can help support this in some small way. Would a delegation be useful? Let me know in Discord. I'm usually in PALnet, but I have joined most of the main communities. @swelker101 on Steemit or Shane#1517 in Discord.

This sounds absolutely mind blowing and I would love to be part of your first educators .

I have a few questions:

  1. Where will the courses be posted? On Steemvelopers.io? But also on Steemit, I assume?

  2. The payment for the educator is pretty limited with such small classes. That would be 150 SBD for three weeks (plus post the 50% post payouts). Can you explain these Posts, please?

  3. If a course has been created, will the second group of students after three weeks enroll in the very same thing? So each educator has to create the content just once?

@flauwy Thank you for your interest, here is the answers to your questions.

  1. The platform will be on steemdevelopers.io but it will connect to steemit
  2. Posts for educators = course material (tests, assignments, projects) , class interaction on posts
  3. Yes, each course that an educator creates will be the standard course outline for that educator's field of expertise. We wont have you guys creating new curriculum every week.

So 150 SBD (max) per course you guys put together, every time you get a round of students. Plus payouts on your actual course material.

This 150 SBD also is what we are offering now, we are just getting off of the ground and trying to grow and build with educators. If you would like to become one please feel free to email us @ [email protected]

Thank you for the answers. I have already send you a mail to join your educators.

Will there be a list of topics or themes that will be discussed in the courses?


You can learn AND make money?

This is dope. I can't wait to watch people grow as they learn.

btw there is a very popular tag called #steemdev

Depending on what the time commitments are, I would love to join as a student.

@swelker101 we will be having all of that worked out once we launch the platform.

Good. I'll keep my eye open. Thanks again for this.

Brilliant idea. I'm all for this. Changing the paradigm starts with education.


We feel the same way. Thank you for the support!

This deserves some attention. Upvoted and resteemed :)

This sounds like much more fun way to learn than actual real school. Good luck with this.
upvote & resteem

I asked around to dev a similar idea - I obviously didn't ask the right people!
Very interesting development; exactly what Steem should be used for. I have already joined the educators and look forward to seeing this develop.
upvoted and resteemed.

Wow this is an excellent project. In future, a lot more subjects can be taught on the base of this project. What are the qualification to enroll, I mean does the student need to know certain coding languages?

I would love to learn, and interested in knowing the hours per day needed to complete this?
Same question, what level of knowledge is needed?

@siddartha you will not need to know any coding to do these programs

Oh wow that's great!! I might join in the next session.

Great Idea and a Great Project that gives value more to education then to money! Wish You all the Best!

what is the course contents?

The course material is coming soon.

are the course times flexible? do students have to be available certain days or time? what the logistics regarding this?

Hello @deserttree We will have all the logistics for course times and how they will work very soon. But yes the idea is to keep everything flexible, presuming we will have students from all over the world.

How many things-to-be-graded do you expect to have per week? It would have to be more than 1 in order for the student to recoup their money, even if all they get is A's.
3 weeks x 30 SBD/A x (#ofthings x A)/week = 90SBD

Students also receive upvotes (delegated sp) on all the course material the post, and comments they post. This tips the scale over that 100 SBD.

The end of the week reward is their grades for the week averaged.

Oh, so at the end of the week, a combination of upvotes on their work and comments plus grade for that weeks work is averaged and an A grade for that week will get a 30 SBD bonus?


That is exactly how it will work.

Excellent post, follow me @ joserc.vzla

Excellent idea! Will you plan to focus only on STEEM or on more broad blockchain areas as well?


Right now we are focusing only on the STEEM blockchain.

Anyway, it is remarkable undertaking.

hi @steemdevelopers ! I am really excited to know more. I basically code a lot under .NET environment before, but I have zero knowledge in coding in this platform.
Will the student course be able to receive a Steem programmer N00b like me?
Another thing is that how is the course material going to be?
Will it be online conference, or tutorial videos?

Right now all we can say, yes it will be noob friendly, but we will also be offering advanced course material as well. Keep an eye to stay updated :D

I'm curious what level of programming expertise would potetial student need to have before enrolling in this program.

Great work... best of luck

Interesting, I will keep an eye on this.

How soon are you kicking off and get alerted

We will be updating this blog frequently, so follow us :D

what a great idea,sort of like a steem school.

Excellent idea.

This sounds fascinating. Are the courses all related to programming or other subjects taught? I won't qualify for a while, yet, want to keep this on my radar for the future.

One thing that would be helpful on Steemit is a centralized collection of teaching posts related to Steemit and an additional forum to offer suggestions.

That is so needed! I've been bumbling around for weeks and plan to be for a long time to come :)

Nice, this is what @steemitqa was telling me about. I could probably lend a hand in some capacity.

Your support is appreciated!

It's incredible how Steem grow fast verry happy for you guys the APS Jeep growing and growing 5⭐

Do you know what kind of courses will be offered yet, or is that still in development?

we are working on getting all of our educators together to figure out which courses we will be offering. But we will know very soon :D

Sounds good. I'm following along :-)

thank you for the support!

Your plan is perfect for an actual steem university! with crypto cyurrency tokens as grades or class credits! imagie that! But even as it is steem works fine for this sort of online school sytem! You should try and see if a forward looking university would like to let a professor whose into blockchains to offer some sortof class over steemit just to see how well it could work!

Thank you for posting this amazing steemit ppst!!!