SteemReports - Front-end Design Idea (not complete)

in steemdev •  11 months ago

I've been using the Steem platform as a way of learning a Javascript programming framework called Vue.js, and in the early days (a month or so ago) I started working on an experimental front-end. The interesting aspect of it is that it allows you to filter out categories, tags and resteems from different authors, to help you customise your feed. It doesn't allow interaction though.

Clicking on the @steemreports link allows you to change to your account, and clicking on the category/tags and resteem icons allow these to be excluded. They can be re-enabled in the preferences.

Because I was new to it, and didn't structure the code well, it can be very slow on some devices though. For this reason I've abandoned the project for now, but thought I'd present it just in case any other developers like the idea for their projects. Any feedback might also be useful for the projects I'm working on.

I'm now working on other projects using Vue.js properly - I hope! ;)

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Wow! This is so cool! I really love it! I gave this 100% and I've re-steemed.

I'll use it in the coming days to really make myself a better idea. I think it could already be more enjoyable that the steemit feed.

I just rechecked it for a couple second and it really feels slicker and faster to get to information I'm looking for.

I love the fact that the name of the author isn't the first and most prominent thing displayed. I don't need to read the author's name if the post's title don't interest me yet on Steemit the author's name is displayed so prominently that there's no brain that can't escape looking at it.

What improvement I would love to see is smaller thumbnail and smaller characters. I'd love to see as many posts displayed as a reddit page display which is 12 posts on the reddit homepage on my full hd screen.

The header at the top of the page should also disappear when scrolling down.

I might be interested to fund this project depending on how many hours it would take and depending on your interest and opinion.

Edit: It took me some time to understand where to enter my name.

Also you definitely develop one of the most useful Steem tool there is with Steemreports. I use many many of the tool on there many times a day. You have my full support as you already knew.


Thanks very much! I hadn't consciously thought about the author name being in a different place really, but I totally see what you mean now you mention it. I will PM you later to discuss project thoughts - there's so much potential in the Steem blockchain, that there's not enough time in the day for everything I'd like to do with it!


Great job and thank you for sharing, I hope to see this work move forward, there are already excellent ideas in this little example! I love the layout, the presence of the 4 tags, the reputation is clearly exposed, ...

Namaste :)


Thanks for the feedback :)

Yup. Good Idea bro, when the Mr. boring come you must move to 1 cm then get the refresh with another else. any way, What is Vue.js. I know that is programming language code ... What the difference with Java or other language code.? good luck.


Thanks. Vue.js is some software we can use to make writing Javascript code much easier. Java looks a bit similar to Javascript, but is used for very different things. Generally Javascript is used for websites, whereas Java is more normally used for larger software projects.

oh damn, this is looking nice. yes, the more frontends the better, i absolutely love it. cracking work.

Very cool ideas!

Why not submit it to utopian and see what the utopian might do with it :)


I guess maybe I should have submitted the idea to Utopian, but the code is a bit of a disgrace tbh ;) I'm pretty busy working on another Steem project (which will be open source, and go to Utopian), but thought this shouldn't completely go to waste.

I have also been working on Javascript and since Thursday, I haven't grabbed the function concepts :)

Could you please guide me what would be the best platform to practise my Javascript skills?


Well I wouldn't say I'm a great or knowledgeable JavaScript developer to be honest. Python is my main language. You could try the discord devs forums here, which would probably be a better place to ask.


Okay, thanks.


Wise's guy.

great job and more benefit for me . thank's for share .
i dont the code but after learn the code and improve to post that hard work and awesome guys .