Steem Followers - January 2018 Data is rolling in

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So we are into plan G, which is to bring in some of the most recent follow data, then start the long process of catching up on the history.

Good news is you will be able to see follower activity for January.

Bad news is that it may not be entirely accurate.

Foundations of accuracy

Accuracy of your follower data has different contexts, the context in which you see who has followed you, stopped following you or muted you in a specific period is accurate as it based on the latest data at hand.

However each row has different colours which represent the change in status;

  • Blue for new follow from a person you do not yet follow
  • Grey with a yellow 'button' for new unfollow from a person whom you do not follow
  • Grey with a red 'button' for a mute from someone who you do not follow
  • Green for a follow from someone who you are currently following
  • Yellow for a unfollow / mute from someone you follow

The data used to determine what colours to show, is incomplete. This will cause these colours to not be a true reflection of your current status with regards to who you follow.

Because your current status is based on what has happened in the past, I need this data in my local database to make that distinction. There is no place to my knowledge where I can get this info otherwise.

Getting it fixed

Nine months ago I created my first post about the little tool I created. To keep this going whilst being affordable for me to carry, I am running the service on a very simple server.

The historical data will get populated and as it does I will update the summary data, which is actually used to display your data to you on the website.

So over time it will become a more true reflection.

Current Status

All I can ask is your patience whilst it repopulates.

As of right now, the last data in the table is for 2018-01-03 19:17:57 +0000 UTC
A few more hours and the whole of January will be caught up.

Then my plan is to make some code changes, then kick off multiple importers at once, as mentioned above the summary data will be a bit off as a result of this.

The final leg will be to clear out the summary data for a day, from the beginning, then rebuild it for that day.

Do this every day in order and we will finally have the right data!


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Resteemed! I love your tool! When it's working :P but no seriously... great job! Although in your sites downtime I did make myself a script in node.js that basically does the same thing for me as your tool does. but I like your steem tool... so :)

Thank you, thank you so much. Nice work, man. For me, January 8th is the most current day. It's the database, isn't it? 😃

Yes, it takes about an hour and a half to do 1 day.

By this time tomorrow it should be current for January.

Great, thank you for the great job :)

Great work, glad to see you got everything mostly back so quickly!

Good to see this coming back!

Yes, finally!

Thanks so much for your support.

hey great work! What language do you use and which db/api?

To get the data from the Steem blockchain I use Go writing to a MySql database.

The front end of the site runs on PHP.

Resteemed by @xtdevelopment! Good Luck!
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Great job and excellent spirit.
Thanks for making this for us!

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