Thanks, I forget to remove the set node in the steem object.

stm = Steem(keys=[wif])

the default configuration using a list of available nodes is used and beem can switch to the next node on failure. The script will also work with the one set node, but just in case I want to mention this.

I have an idea for an additional option/feature. Let's say that after the comment is added and before it gets a vote, the script also creates a new root post on my blog with the same beneficiary of that author but without the autovote. This root post links to the comment, and each comment by that author if I run the script multiple times for that author.

So every time this script runs, it might create a new root post if the author is new. If the script runs for the same author multiple times, the script just appends additional links in the root post.

Imagine I found a couple youtubers with great STEEM content spanning two years. So I go back and start watching their content and run this script whenever I see something I like. These two youtubers would end up being featured on my blog as two separate root posts. If I like 10 videos on one and 5 videos on the other, their related root posts on my blog show links to those videos.

The next week, a new root post is created for each author I run the script for, and so on.