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RE: Introducing Steemhunt: Daily ranking of effortlessly cool products fueled by STEEM blockchain

in #steemdev5 years ago

First off awesome project!

Second... I'm running into problems uploading images. They seem to upload but I can't submit the post and if I edit the title the images disappear. :/


Thanks for the report.
What browser and operating system do you use?

Windows 10, and this was happening in Chrome, Firefox, and Edge on two separate computers on two separate wifis. Something's weird :P

I'll try a different account tommorow and see if that works

Yeah I could reproduce the issue when I first upload images, and edit titles.
When I edit titles first, then upload images, it seems okay.

I'll fix it as soon as possible.
Thanks for your report again! :)

hum.. I'll test it again on Windows 10 again.
Thanks for your report :)

I think I just fixed the issue. Can you try again?

The image disappearing problem is gone but the post button is still grayed out and the preview doesn't show an image :/

hum.. I just tested on Windows 10 with Chrome and Edge and it seems it working for me.
Can you give me the image you used?

Here's a link to it:

If it's not working on your end I'll just decide it's my crazy computer and try it on one of my school's computers.

Not working on a school computer either :P Does it upload images to Imgur by any chance?

Humm.. yes we upload photos to Imgur. Do you have any network blocking setups with Imgur?

Yep, that's it :P School blocks it and my computer was to for some reason (facepalm) Thanks for the help

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