Steemit patch submitted - Vote % in voters dropdown

in steemdev •  last year

About a month ago, I discovered a feature on Golos that I really wanted to see migrated over to Steemit, and made a post about it :

A golos feature I'd love to see on Steemit (vote % in dropdowns)

The topic got a lot of support, and users seemed pretty positive about wanting the feature implemented here.

I dug through the golos code at the time, figured out roughly what was needed to make it happen and made an elite github issue to track it :

Issue 1337

Now that I have some server resources, I've spun up my own copy of Steemit, made the required changes, and tested that nothing else somehow broke along the way.

Here's a screenshot of the votebox on my original post about this issue, running locally with vote percentages being displayed :

I'm convinced it all looks good, and I've submitted a pull request to make this change live for everyone here :

Pull Request 1433

Fingers crossed everything is well and we have this feature enabled soon!

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I am so excited to see another community dev working on the condenser code base :) Great job! You already have my witness vote, but if I could vote for you again I would :)


Now now, this is a great addition to the site (although I have very limited experience being new to the community); however, if you had the ability to keep upvoting you would just dilute the pool. We don't want to have to add that blue junk to the pool to see whenever people upvote multiple times do we? (Pool humor and possibly in the realm of bad-dad joke, gotta love it).

yeah Golos has some cool stuff ;)

Great to read such enthusiasm and collaboration! May the force rise with us all!!! Namaste :)

This is great! Thank you @ausbitbank :)

I hope to see this change implemented in the near future. I will be casting my witness votes soon and will be voting for you.

Bright Blessings & Happy Steeming! <3

oh nice nice nice this is great. Looking forward to its implementation. so impressed

i agree.
we should also be able to see the voters not listed as well.
atm we see 'and x more' but you cant click to see who's voted, you have to go to to see that.
btw how many newbies and non techies even know about ?


Steemd isn't the nicest looking but it's solid and reliable..
SteemdB is a bit slicker with more info that I'd probably recommend to new users first


Second that.

oh yes that's definitely a great feature - gotta get that accepted in! 👏👏👏 while you're at it, might even be cool to add popup access to the complete voter list for the post as well!

Great work!

I have always wanted to see the %'s.

I already voted for you for witness. If I could I would vote twice.

Yes, this would be a great feature to add.

That looks nice, I hope it gets implemented. Good work sir!

Cool! Can't wait to (hopefully) see this in action!

a dev!
I have you in my clutches now.
take THIS


lol.. Checkout peerhub , a marketplace that takes sbd :)


yup...been there.
BUT...they don't do digital products.
THATS what I'm talking about.


Aaah gotcha, didn't know that

Hi @ausbitbank Awesome work buddy!
I really like the tools you've developed.
Your steemvids tool is awesome.
Keep up the great work and I hope to see more tools =)

Thanks! I like what you're doing here.
Good luck getting witness, voted :)


Thankyou for your support :)


You deserve it. Can't wait to see what else you have in the works :)
I'm still quite new, but if you need feedback for your ideas I'll gladly give you my .02

Wow this is fantastic!!! Thanks so much for sharing the intel!

Great post and good job helping to improve the experience of us all. Cheers

Man this would be an epic edition to the steemit community:)
Hope it gets integrated

well, your idea is a welcome development...

Wow pretty cool stuff.

so long as people can leave constructive remarks if they thumbs down others lets not become negative and help each other.

Following you on gab now. Would love to see this implemented.

Good work and a great plan. I'd like to be able to scroll down through that list as well.

I agree. This is nifty. Dooo iiittt :)

Fantastic work @ausbitbank! Thanks for sharing the developments :)

And this is why I voted you a witness. It was a good choice.

This will be a great addition!

So rad!!!

This would make a good benchmark.

Great post! good job!!!! Upvoted and followed :)

I am down for this.

good idea, good luck. following

Thank you good sir for the intelligent research efforts!

So great

Definitely a great feature.. great work and good post.

love the info and thank you

Great idea!

Great work! That will be a fantastic update!