SteemDecathlon 1 : Final Results of the overall Competition leaderboard. Congrats All!

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My apologies for taking so long to get this out. Unfortunately I've been extremely under the weather including a hospital stay. But I'm trying to get healthy and this list was compiled by the software so I know the numbers are All good
Thank you for your patience
Season Leaderboard
for the Compitions:

  1. lavanyalakshman
  2. cyrus33
  3. bhavyalakshman
  4. meme-nexus
  5. hasbydiaz
  6. richatvns
  7. mustang88
  8. akshaya
  9. pravathi
  10. zappa100
  11. ashwine
  12. ranjith35
  13. forfeit
  14. dernierdiaz
  15. bharani
  16. barath15
  17. sapper11g
  18. japhofin8or
  19. pravesh11
  20. arshitha
  21. swapnaram
  22. anfood

Over the next 36 hours you should get your rewards .

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For those interested season 2 will start very shortly...

All depends on my health.

Great I made into the top ten



First take care if your health ,then conduct all those.



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