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Make sure to turn off Grammer and Spell check first

This is the story after all answered were filled from the questions

2 Plus to Equal Fore
4 and Fore Equals ate
8 + 4 Equal 12
12 inches in a ruler
queen Mary was a ruler
she was all sew was a ship
ships sale on the see
fish swim in the C
fish have fins
the fins fought the Rush ins
The Russians are read
Newspapers are Red too.

Then read what is written out loud. and Write Answer based on the
puzzle trip where did you end up and name the place under the filled in form

What ever the the address where you finished the puzzle is the address
the trip to took you to.,,,

Because after the trip you are back where you started. So you went everywhere
and came back to the loop.

Extra Credit...
While Mary's hand was NL Holdem.
No one got the answers right,
So I'm holding it for the dogs and cards trivia contest!

these were the individual answers..

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Here are the finishers:
1st: meme-nexus ... 27 points
bhavyalakshman (disqualified for copying)
2nd: lavanyalakshman (7 right -im being generous)
3rd place - no one....


When the registration closed the upvote on the post was $62...
reward pool will be calculated off it....

Awesome. Too bad this didn’t have many participants. Luckly the newer contests have been getting more attention. I’ll make sure I’ll encourage some of my followers along with people I know on steemit to participate.

Thankyou very much

When are the rewards for the older events (like the meme one) going to be distributed? I thought it was going to be when the posts are 7 days old. If not, that's cool I just wanted to know when. Thanks.


I'm making a standard program to calculate will be done by thursday....
I will distibute the first 4 contests by then....
Then the process will be easier...


Oh cool man thanks, sorry to bother you about it.

informative post..
thank you so much..
@resteem done


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thanks for sharing such type of post dear.
@upvote & @resteem done