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Results for the contest here:

q1) How many American Citizen facebook data/profiles did Cambridge Analytic a foreign company use illegally take to target Voters in the 2016 elections
f. more then 87 million people

q2) How much money did Billionaire Trump backer Robert Mercer to fund a group that produced anti-Muslim ads for 2016 election?
g more then >$2,000,000

q3) what is a SF-86 questionnaire?
d. Federal Security Clearance Form

q4) How many foreign contacts did Jared Kushner omit off SF-86 questionnaire before revising it a 3rd time.
e. over 100

q5) Feb 22nd Trump met with Parkland Shooting Victims, how long did it take for him to present a bill to congress or an executive order related to dealing with Gun Violence by limiting high capacity magazines, or bump stocks or military style weapons.
f. Trump just gave lip service

q6) Which of the following are true
a. Donald Trump received the Most money in campaign contributions ever from the NRA $ 20 million for just the 2018 election.
b. A spokesman for the NRA and its lobbying arm, the Institute for Legislative Action,together contributed $30 million to Trump’ss presidential campaign
c. prior to this election the most any politicians running for office Received from the NRA was less than $7.5 million McCain spread out over many elections running for Senator & President from the republican party.

What is the Fake News?

q7) Immigration (how many of the following are true)

a. Undocumented Worker, illegal immigrants, illegal Alien, and an expired visa are all the same thing
b. The majority of illegal aliens are eueropeans who overstay their visa.
c. Melania had overstayed here Visa and was illegal working, but Trump paid her way out of it.
d. The Average I.C.E. agent captures 2 illegal immigrants a year,
e. Mexicans are longer be the majority of U.S. unauthorized immigrants
f. The U.S. civilian workforce includes 8 million unauthorized immigrants, accounting for 5% of the workforce
g. 66% of illegal immigrants have lived in the U.S. for at least 10 years (95% of them employed)
h. In the farming and construction industries they account for 26% and 15% of the workers respectively
i. Donald Trump for his Private business projects has used 10s of thousands of illegal immigrants
j. I.C.E. does not target Eueropean visa over stayers, russian Spies and the foreign cutouts.
k. Obama deported more people then Trump per dollar spent on Homeland Security.
I. llegal immigrantion from our southern border were at a 20 year low before Trump came into office

q8) Serving our citizens (how many of the following are true)

a. Puerto Ricans are American Citizens
b. Harvey caused at least 107 confirmed deaths: 1 in Guyana, and 106 in the United States.
c. Total damage from the hurricane is estimated at $125 billion,
d. On September 8, President Donald Trump signed into law H.R. 601, which among other spending actions designated $15 billion for Hurricane Harvey relief
e For Hurricane Harvey, FEMA had supplies and personnel positioned in Texas
before the storm made landfall on August 25. Federal government deployed 31,000 support people in Texas.
In addition, FEMA supplied 3 million meals and 3 million liters of water to Texas to be distributed to survivors.

f. For Hurricane Irma: More than 40,000 federal personnel, including 2,650 FEMA staff, were in place by September 14.
In addition, FEMA had transferred 6.6 million meals and 4.7 million liters of water to states in the Southeast
after Irma as of the 14th.

g. Hurricane Maria: By comparison, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands it took 2 weeks after Hurricane hit for 10,000 federal staff
to be on the ground in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands assisting search and rescue and recovery efforts.

h. President Trump visted Texas and Florida with in 2 days of each Hurricane Hitting and at least 2 more times with in 2 weeks
i. After Maria President Trump took 17 days to go down to see Puerto Rico and never went to look at a single citizen's home.
j. Electricity from Harvey and Irma was cut off to 17 million people, All 97% restored with in 2 weeks.
k. Hurricane Harvey: Trump signed a bill that included emergency funding for hurricane relief on September 8, about two weeks after Hurricane Harvey hit. The bill, part of a deal struck between Trump and Democratic leaders, included about $22 billion for FEMA's disaster relief fund, $15 billion of which was new funds.
I. As of Monday, FEMA had $5.03 billion available for disaster spending.
m, Hurricane Maria: Sanders said queried 3 weeks after about relief, that it was too early to identify a spending amount to
request from Congress. And said:
"Once we have a greater insight into the full assessment of damage then we'll be able to determine what additional
funds are needed but we're still in that ... fact-finding process on that piece of it," she said.
n. 3 months after Hurricane Maria slammed Puerto Rico, 1/2 of the citizen's there 1,500,000 do not have electricity
o. April 2018 25% of Puerto Rico is still without Power.
p. The treatment of Puerto Rican Citizens by the present Administration is unfair.

q9) Ethics (how many of the following are true)

Office of Government Ethics Director Walter Shaub Jr. resigned because of which of the following claims :

a. ethics program needs to be stronger than it is
b. Trump had not promised total divestiture.
c. Since the 1970s, presidents have moved their assets into blind trusts run by third parties.& Trump's trust is "not even halfway blind,"
d. During the Obama presidency first 6 months, the Agency got 733 public contacts related to ethics violations in the administration and recomendations were enforced.

During same period in the Trump era, there were 39,105 contacts — an increase of 5,235 percent and recomendation were not enforced
e. the administration that has been hiring unprecedented numbers of former lobbyists, lawyers and industry consultants
f. Waivers are considered public documents, but the Trump White House had been holding them back, saying OGE lacked the legal authority to require disclosure.
g. the limitations on the ethics office's power and the failure of Partisan House Republicans to follow up on ethics issues.

q10) The Law (how many of the following are true)

The Constitution prohibits presidents from accepting “emoluments" which bars officeholders from accepting gifts to prevent bribery and foreign governments from influencing U.S. officials.

a. payments by foreign governments to Trump-owned businesses violated the Emoluments Clause
b. the Trump-owned company released a pamphlet saying that the company would not, in fact, try to identify foreign officials traveling on government business, unless those people identified themselves, because the process is impractical.
c. A Chinese state-owned construction company is announced as the winner of a $32 million contract to work on a Trump golf course development in Dubai. Trump does not own the development but licenses his name to the developer, which awarded the contract to build the roads in the residential area.
d. Trump's company has also revived interest in a deal in the Dominican Republic.
e. New membership fees at the Mar-a-Lago club, which Trump has called his "Winter White House," have doubled to $200,000.
f. At Trump's first press conference as president-elect, his lawyer Sheri Dillon stated: "No new foreign deals will be made whatsoever during the duration of President Trump’s presidency."
g. He has refused to divest the businesses that are borrowing money from foreign governments and foreign-government-owned banks that are doing business with foreign governments.
h. 2 weeks before meeting with the president on a bill, Shuster’campaignn paid the president’sWashington, D.C. hotel nearly $20,000. 2 months after the meeting, a bill was unveiled with presidential support.

q11) Dereliction of duty (how many of the following are true)

a. It's the president's attitude, his language, his assault on the Constitution. And that's why it's so important to view these ethics problems within the framework of the Constitution.
b. The President is suppose to up hold and defend the Constitution.
c. He has assaulted the First Amendment, the freedom of the press. with "fake news awards". is a particular government ethics violation that is violated there by having White House staff participate.
d. To view this against the background of the Constitution, and he does not support the First Amendment, freedom of the press,
e. He violated the constitution with freedom of the free exercise of religion when he talks about a Muslim ban repeatedly.
f. A year after his inauguration, Donald Trump still has yet to fill nearly two-thirds of the key presidentially appointed,

Senate-confirmed positions in his administration.

q12) How scummy can we get (how many of the following are true)

Election Law 11 CFR 114.2(f).“Corporations and labor organizations (including officers, directors or other representatives acting as agents of corporations and labor organizations) are prohibited from facilitating the making of contributions to candidates or political committees, other than to the separate segregated funds of the corporations and labor organizations. facilitation means using corporate or labor organization resources or facilities to engage in fundraising activities in connection with any federal election …
a. Michael Cohen, President Trump's attorney used a Trump Organization email address as he worked to secure the payment to Daniels.
b. a FedEx receipt showing that the signed agreement Daniels returned to Cohen was sent to him at his office in Trump Tower.
c. Paying someone to be quiet so they do not damage a political effort is an in-kind contribution to that campaign, covering a cost meant to aid efforts to win the election.
d. The Wall Street Journal reported that Cohen told others that he had not been repaid for his investment immediately — meaning that he had, in effect, made a loan to the campaign of some duration by covering this cost.
e. Daniels alleges the money was paid to keep her from telling the media about a sexual relationship she had with Trump who at the time was sleeping with him during the time of his wife giving birth to his 5th child.
f. That means that federal election law was very likely violated.

q13) if you will cheat on and lie to the most important people in your life, should someone trust you?
b: no

it wasn't bad enough that as the head of the EPA, he removed all references to climate change in released reports by scientists!
My rent is over 2k a month living in the suburbs of ny. The head of the EPA Scott Pruitt rented an apartment in a ritzy neighborhood inside the beltway in the capital from the wife a lobbyist for natural gas for 50 a night. A senator who had an apartment in the same building in that downtown DC was paying $5000 a month from the landlord!
q14) If the average month is 30 nights,How much was Pruitt paying a month?

q15) How much less did he pay for the same space as the senator over a year?

q16) Pruitt worked a deal out with UAE for compressed natural gas for the government.
What is the term for what he took living There?

Ben Carson a surgeon who
never ran a business or organization, never worked in government or for a charitable foundation
And not involved with low income citizens or housing or the construction industry. Was placed in charge of the department of HUD housing and urban development.
HUD has always been the most frugal agency because every $ I'm their budget keeps the most vulnerable citizens out of the cold and off the streets, and gives the helping hand for those building the American dream.
There was a cap of 10,000 by law to redo the offices for any cabinet Secretary. The last 3 heads of HUD (16 YEARS) spent less then 5k total. Ben Carson was told that there was about the limit.
Yet he and his wife went an purchased a table with tax payer money and lied about it and then instructed federal employees to not tell
senate oversight and hide the charges from the federal accounting offices.

Q17) How much was the Cost of the table?

Q18) What is the term for what he's done.

a) None of the following
b) Abuse of Power
c) Cover Up
d) misappropriation of funds
e) all of the above

Q19) Which man served in the military specifically the Marines.
b) Mueller

Q20) Which man received the Bronze Star and the purple hearts and more metals.
b) Mueller

Q21) Trump claims that Mueller was appointed by democrats. What president placed Mueller in office?
b) Bush

Q22) What was that presidents party?
a) Republican

Q23) What party is Mueller registered to?
a) Republican

Q24) What party put the special counsel in office?
a) Republican

Q25) Who must have facts to put in front of a grand jury?
b) Mueller

Q26) Who can just tweet and lie?
a) Trump

Q27) Who has not shown his taxes to the American people?
a) Trump

Q28) How many people have been charged with crimes by the mueller investigation at the present time?

Q29) How many Trump Associates already pleaded guilty or are working on deals 2 prevent themselves from being charged at the present time by the Mueller investigation?
6 US Ciizens. There may be more but this is in the public records with the federal court system

Q30) Mueller, goldstein, comey have been a staunch republican working as non-partisan members of the law enforcment communities all there lives with impeccable unvarnished carriers.
Which is true
b) Trump has something to hide and is trying to discredit the investigation.

Q31) Which man is quietly and professionally doing his job.
b) Mueller

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