[RESULTS] D9E02 ""Baby Needs a new pair of Shoes!"" - Theme - 'NBA Picks and Trivia"" - Nicknames

in steemdecathlon •  6 months ago

b1 Milwaukee
b2 San Antonio
b3 Washington
a4 Cleveland
a5 Houston
b6 Utah

Q6) d)
q7) a)
q8) b)
q9) c)
q10) a)
q11) a)
q12) b)
q13) d)

Position and contest points
1st meme-nexus 9
1st bhavyalakshman 9
3rd pravathi 7
3rd hasbydiaz 7
cyrus33 4 (looks like you gave me answers to another contest)
lavanyalakshman 6



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damn. almost in last again


well looking up on search engines answers only helps with trivia, not picking games !

I can't believe I missed another tournament oh well


make sure you are subscribed to my feed and check it!
Then you will see when contests come....

I will shortly be posting it on my website as well!


well watch be more attentive... and tell your friends!