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Wrapper for accessing in a ruby application. It uses MongoID and ActiveModel to leverage all of the tools provided by those libraries.

SteemData helps developers and researchers build better STEEM applications. We parse the STEEM blockchain for you, and provide the data as a fast and convenient MongoDB service.

Note: This wrapper gem is built by @inertia. SteemData is built by @furion. Any questions about using this gem should be directed to @inertia.

Quick Start

Add the gem to your Gemfile:

gem 'steemdata-rb', require: 'steemdata', github: 'steem-third-party/steemdata-rb'


$ bundle install


require 'steemdata'


post = SteemData::Post.find_by(author: 'inertia', permlink: 'macintosh-plus')

puts post.to_json

Which returns:


   "body":"Location | Lake of the Pines, CA\n------------ | -------------\nDate | 2017-01-24\nCamera | Canon EOS Rebel T6i\n\n[![IMG_0522220be.jpg](](\n\n[![IMG_0515591de.jpg](](\n\n[![IMG_05216fc72.jpg](](\n\nAlso see: [Hand Me Downs](, [Mac Lounge](, [Macintosh - [IMG-0014]](, [Macintosh](",






   "root_title":"Macintosh Plus",
   "title":"Macintosh Plus",

   "total_payout_value":"6.396 SBD",


Get in touch!

If you're using steemdata-rb, I'd love to hear from you. Drop me a line and tell me what you think! I'm @inertia on STEEM.


I don't believe in intellectual "property". If you do, consider Radiator as licensed under a Creative Commons CC0 License.

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Please note, this gem has been renamed to steem_data. To install add to your Gemfile:

gem 'steem_data'

Or on the command line:

$ gem install steem_data
$ irb -rsteem_data
> SteemData.load
> SteemData::AccountOperation.last

Project has also moved to:

Frack man, you are always at it! Love it!

If you want to see what SteemData can do, check out @banjo (my bot) on SteemSpeak.

Cool. Can you get it running on

I'm using DiscordRB to talk to discord, so not unless there's a rocket chat API library.

Yeah, apparently lita is another one. It would probably be a completely different project. Banjo started off just announcing RSS/ATOM, which would likely be inappropriate for, too much churn.

I would start off with a specific set of commands that people wanted.

Are there currently any bots on How receptive would the community be to have one there?

By the way, I have experience with Slack bots. Those are super easy.

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

I know there is a bot in #witness-blocks channel. However it only sends notifications, but no interaction.

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

this gem is truly outrageous.

edit -- commenting to mark this ... the 80s reference was just a bonus

Guess I'll like it.