Proposal: Dev Portal Documentation (Q4 2019)

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I will continue to provide documentation intended for application and tool developers who work on the Steem blockchain.

To review the documentation I'm improving, go to, click Developers, click Start Building. You will arrive at:

The above site is where my final changes will appear for work funded by this proposal.


I did decide to bump the timeframe from 1 month to 1 quarter. So this proposal is for 2019 Q4 (October 1st, through December 31) or 92 days. Which means this proposal total pay will be 11965 SBD.

I think I should stay at 130.000 SBD per day. For reference, this allows me to focus approximately 25 to 30 % of my daily total workload. In other words, so far I don't see documentation alone was a full time job.

Even in the SteemWorks team at Steemit, Inc., we did more than just pure documentation. So maybe I'll make an additional proposal in parallel to this one, if I need to spend more time supporting documentation, for example.

At the moment, my policy is to only bill for writing, research, and some coding. Not planning and ideation. Also, the research and coding is pretty streamlined, at the moment. I have a system and familiarity with the process. I have already written most of the support code (e.g.: devportal tasks, tintoy).


What worked last time was to do project planning from my fork:

I'll archive the last project and start a new one for this proposal, if approved. And I'll move the items in the To Do column over and go from there.

I'll continue to have ongoing staged versions of the new documentation so it appears on, in cases where Steemit, Inc. is blocked (too busy) to merge the changes to the official devportal.

Previous Work

You can review all my work from: Proposal #10

Proposal Record


Also see:



  1. What happens if you don't get fully funded?
  2. Can you put a little more effort in showing what we got out of the last proposal?
    you're asking for a lot in our tiny little ecosystem, I think you can tell us how the last information was used.
  3. put in some method to show us that the time you put in is actually being put in. How do we know you're doing this 25-30% of your time?
  4. Why did you put so little effort into this proposal? Is it because you figure you're gonna get the big votes of @blocktrades anyway that you don't care about our tiny little votes?
  5. Can you give us some actual list of things you're going to work on?

Inertia, you are great as always. Documentation is the first step for someone to start developing something on the steem blockchain and having that covered just ensures the things to come in the future.

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I wondered why it wasn't showing my vote for your proposal anymore but then I realized it must have been reentered to extend it further. Keep up the great work!

Yup. Completely new proposal.

Already supported!