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Hello @steemitblog, @steemcurator01 at the onset of the Crypto challenges/contest, I have been excited about the topics we have been playing on. I believe the crypto World would be very happy promoting the entire crypto in this way. This would turn to also sell the great name of one of the active blogging site, STEEM! Here come again another great topic to share, *"I Love Bitcoin... & Guess the price of Bitcoin.

Though I'm young when it comes to the time I got heard of Bitcoin been established or created. Way back 2008, which happens to be the birth year of Bitcoin, I was in tertiary almost on the verge of completion. You know in those days my people were IT inclined, despite the fact that internet connectivity hasn't been popular in our area., Ghana to be precised. So many of young stars were eager to know more, and some of us who were curious went to internet cafe to brown, creat Email accounts, find friends online. I was somehow Guy to also follow shoes of those lifestyle. We were having large capacity of internet cafe at Sunyani Polytechnic, but because of large number of students, the cafe couldn't contain us all and some us could find our way somewhere to get more stuff. That was exactly I heart something in air that "New digital coins known as Bitcoin" has been created.


When and how did I find out about Bitcoin?

Even in those school life I didn't get someone to introduced me properly to this Bitcoin issue and how it is used, since most of us used internet for fun, apart from emailing our project work to our supervisor, Dr Sintim. But, after completing tertiary, Guys were very wild wanting to get some cash stuff, no job, and the economic hardship was hitting us hard. Some of us were rushing to get job moving up and down. A friend or my Robert, who happened to be internet wizard just came out with how to trade on line using Bitcoin app. But actually we never enter into the trading self we were just understudying how it works since we were a little skeptical in playing the actual game. We were just spectators watching others doing. It was just like today, many people who don't know much about Bitcoin still doubt it's usage. I studied Bitcoin for almost six to seven years before I began actual trading with Bitcoin.


Any interesting things that have happened to you to do with Bitcoin.

My first Bitcoin/blockcahin wallet was created in May 2018, the same year that I also joined Steemit community. By then I had become fully convinced about the usage of Bitcoin. But I didn't created this Bitcoin wallet because of steem. Though I had by then signed up but I was into a business known as Bitworld which claimed to be the best company that make people to be rich overnight. What they did was to create a platform collected our money to be double it by a week time. So my Ghc 4000 in those days was exchanged for Bitcoin in my wallet for them to be used. When the company lasted for about a month and two weeks, they deceived us of upgrading their system and they never appeared. This was the time my eyes opened very well on certain things, and learned that, indeed not all gritters are gold.




How has Bitcoin changed my life?

Though I haven't chop much cash on Bitcoin, yet it has done great things in my life. I must say that through Bitcoin trading that I have had so many connections with people that I don't even know them. Now it had led me to be where I'm now in Steem. I'm able to transfer Bitcoin from my wallet to friends without any fear or panic. Bitcoin has helped me pay my fees in school, my bills and other areas that I use money. It still feed me in many ways in this life.


How you invest in Bitcoin and your experience with trading it.

I have now understood that Bitcoin usage is all about patience and mathematical calculation. Through predictions sometimes fail, yet it works. I don't have much coins but I have seen that Bitcoin has better future to grow. To trade with Bitcoin, one must first admit the price fluctuations, but in any case, it keeps moving every year no matter what happens.



Will Bitcoin always be the dominant cryptocurrency?

Bitcoin would ever be one of the Crypto digital currency that would maintain its reputation. It is very difficult for any crypto to challenge it and that is the fact. The reason being that it is having a wider use case. The value makes it outstanding compare to any other coins. All the crypto coins rest on Bitcoin that is why most coins are exchange for Bitcoin before trading for your local currency.


How and when will Bitcoin reach the mass population.

If all the stakeholders in the World of Crypto accept to be used of Bitcoin as one of the legal tender like Dollar, Euro or Pounds then the World would show up mass usage of Bitcoin. We need Government to legalize Bitcoin to be used in their countries. If many people reach out campaign mood intensifying the need to use Bitcoin it can be used World wide and many people will accept it.



I love Bitcoin because of it being easy to use. Now, in most transactions, one do not need third party before exciting it, due to the smart contract that has been created to support many trading of Bitcoin. I don't need to travel to long distances on like Banks before cashing out or depositing my cash. I do not need to carry away bulky money for risking my life of theft on my way. What I need is to get my Bitcoin wallet or signed up in any of the trusted exchange platforms.

BONUS CONTEST : Guess the Price of Bitcoin

"The price of Bitcoin (BTC) will be :"
13,111.15 USD

Thanks to All, Lovely Funs in Steem!




I'm excited to see what happens! Nice entry post.

Thanks very much my friend for your comment.

some of us who were curious went to internet cafe to brown, creat Email accounts, find friends online

True, the same was the case with me and many people in our country back in 2008/09. Even social blogging was not that prevalent as it is now.

What they did was to create a platform collected our money to be double it by a week time.

That itself sound scam in its first place, not sustainable either. In my country also such things pop up from time to time, but this sort of thing is no more popular with the emergence of crypto especially after 2017. I believe 2017 is a major breakthrough for the crypto industry with BTC being recognized all-across.

Bitcoin has passively created a lot of market opportunity even though Bitcoin as an asset is limited to store-of-value. For example, through LocalBitcoins, many people in my locality earned a living creating their own exchange. Many p2p lending platforms were there in 2015 on BTC, which created an opportunity for both lenders/borrowers. I see today's DeFi as the background set by the BTC during its early days.

#twopercent #india #affable

Thank you so much @sapwood for this great and heart warming comment.🙏

Your journey in crypto wird is very intersting,you having 6 to 8 years experience in this field. Thats really good to listen here.

With crypto we can full fill our needs,i also solving my financial issues using this money. I am so happy on reading your post.

Nice post from you.

#twopercent #affable #india

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