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The Steem Creatives Conference and SMT Summit is almost upon us. @Gmuxx, @Jasonbu, and @Rhondak are working on their presentation, during which they’ll unveil our new blockchain interface and explain how a controlled-quality front-end will benefit serious content creators. @instructor2121, CEO and founder of Block 21 Corp, will also be presenting at this conference. He developed the front-end template for our site and has a solid blueprint for mainstream integration of blockchain technology. @frederikka will also present his Wordpress plugin, Steempress, that has been so vital in aiding visibility for TWB authors via their personal websites. We endorse Steempress wholeheartedly and will always treasure the opportunity we had to be one of the first Steem communities to adopt its use on a large scale.


Exactly one week from today, @Gmuxx and @Rhondak will board airliners and make international flights into Toronto Pearson. As admins for TWB, they’re both deeply committed to our future and the success of our platform, coin, and publishing house. But who are they? Why are they qualified to speak for our community? And why are they flying around the globe this year to meetups and conferences and doing all the things? Hopefully, this post will address those questions as well as feature a bit of their backstory and history as Steem content creators. Block by block, we're building a legacy from the ground up. Stay tuned to our blog, and over the next week we'll introduce some of the key players making a writer's dream our reality.

GMuxx hails from the center of England, where he spends his days hot-tubbing and sipping pretty pink drinks. Once he is sufficiently wrinkled and tipsy he retreats inside to his high-tech workspace and uses fancy gadgets to create digital drawings of raccoons, 3D models of spaceships that might actually be aerodynamic enough to fly, and from time to time makes a post on Steemit.

Rhondak hides in Southwest Virginia from local town cops and people who want to donate more animals to her 501c3 rescue. A regular desperado, she’s been known to drive farm-tagged vehicles to convenience stores and burn dog poop. In her spare time, she overheats her laptop rendering photorealistic images of DAZ characters, bleeds from raccoon bites, and occasionally publishes a novel.


While none of this actually qualifies either of them to stand on a stage in Canada and talk about blockchains, it actually does offer a bit of insight into their actual personalities. We’re just not sure if it’s the kind of insight that inspires confidence.

For the win:

On a serious note, GMuxx brings moderation and administration talent to public relations side of Writers’ Block business. He has vast knowledge of software tools specific to publishing and graphic design and will be instrumental for us in creating marketing and promotional material. Read a sample of his high quality fiction HERE.

Rhondak has more than twenty years of experience in the mainstream writing, editing, and publishing industry. Her name can be found in the acknowledgements of dozens of books and she herself is the author of two novels published under the pen name “Diane Ryan.” Read a sampling of her high quality fiction HERE.

GMuxx and Rhondak make up half of the @noblewitness team, along with @sircork and @anarcho-andrei. All four of them are serious content creators and it is the primary mission of @noblewitness to make the Steem blockchain the premier web resource for writers, musicians, artists, photographers, and all other creatives with work to publish in electronic format.

We believe our vision at The Writers’ Block for producing/marketing both article and novel-length work is revolutionary. We believe we have everything we need to impact and change small press publishing at the most fundamental level. We believe content is king. We believe quality matters. And we believe Steem is the most innovative and utilitarian cryptocurrency in existence.

That is the message GMuxx and Rhondak will bring to the stage in Toronto. Maybe they’ll see you there!


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Oh. My. Gosh. I just realized that your account name is a pun on more than one level.

Writer’s Block (creative obstacle)
Writer’s Block (crypto chain)
Writer’s Block (neighborhood in a city)
Writer’s Block (association of writers, i.e. soviet bloc)

My goodness, that’s clever. 👏


Yep! It's sad that the name is used so much with other writing groups. None of them have as many levels of meaning as we do!

Go team! And thanks for all you do!

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It's interesting
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Hope you have a marvelous time in Toronto and come back with lots of great photos/stories to share! 😊

Good Luck on your presentation!!!