Pumpkin carving with Steem Creators crew!

in steemcreators •  5 months ago

I don’t think I’ve carved pumpkins since I was a kid! So I got the call from @steemcafe to come on over! He had candy and pumpkins. @Eventspeaker and I headed over!

It was Jamie’s first time! (They don’t celebrate Halloween in Australia!!). @larrymorrison and @ogc joined in!

This was my final pumpkin! Not bad!!!


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Awwee this looks like so much fun! Miss you guys!! @steemcafe @larrymorrison @ogc

Yummy Pumpkin. Looks Like Fun. Here is an upvote.


Thanks so much!!! I would up vote your comments here, but, they get dusted. I do up vote all my comments on whaleshares!! Feel free to join me over there!! whaleshares.io/@thehoneys

I love your design. I spent Monday afternoon supervising and helping my 3 granddaughters carve their pumpkins. Getting them cleaned out seems to be a big challenge. Also encouraging the girls to think in terms of big designs not fine cutting.

Happy Halloween to you all! Looks like a great time.

You got some skills 😋

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Lol!!! You should join us some time!!!!

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Fantastic time

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Super fun!! I always laugh when I'm hanging out with you guys!!

Where’s the Steem logo gonna be carved??