🤠Meeting w/☕ Steemit Inc in 🌠Austin, TX USA🌎

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🔥Austin is Amazing!🚀 Meeting w/ Elizabeth🤩 of #Steemit Inc. 🦁Discussed #steemcreators #blockbuilders 📸April 9-13, 2019. 💻Start planning🛫. #conference #bigthings #bitcoin #steem #eth #eos #tron #btc

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Awesomesauce. What is Elizabeth's role with Steemit Inc?

Dir of Communications

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Very cool; Austin is sort of my old stomping ground — lived there for 20 years. But anyway, seeing posts like this makes me hopeful that there's still an active path forward for Steem and related enterprises.

What is Block Builders @steemcafe?

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Hi man. Block Builders is our new company. He will be producing, hosting & supporting blockchain events all around the world. 2019 & beyond. Always look i.j ng for cool people to work with Chris. Where u at? Manila?

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Hey @steemcafe thank you for informing me.

I live in Davao City but I visit Manila twice a year.

I am really enjoying @steemit and the Steem blockchain 😊

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My bro @steemcafe looks very energetic and in a great mood as usual! Wishing you good luck buddy!

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This sounds so exciting! I wish I could go, but Korea is too far away...