Epic Cash Blockchain and Our African Epicenters

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The Epic Cash blockchain has a passionate team the world over. For example, the African team is comprised of two leaders, Philip Freeman in Ghana and Mustapha Freeman in Sierra Leone. They’re two of the primary components to creating Epic’s African Epicenters; they’re working diligently for Epic specifically as well as cryptocurrency adoption as a whole.

Our Epicenters across Africa are going to be resource hubs for primary education on blockchain & cryptocurrency adoption and how each can benefit African individuals.

Some of our Epic students.

Already, the Epic Team is encouraging positive voluntary action across the continent; moreover, for example, anyone that plants a tree in return is gifted some Epic Cash as a thank you from the team. This is just another example of voluntaryism and the power of individuals working in cooperation absent the state. It shows how much can be accomplished by the great people within the Epic Team and in society as a whole when we join forces.
Follow @GiverOfEpic on Twitter and learn more about how to plant trees for your community and receive Epic Cash as our gift to you.

These locations across the African continent will not only serve as blockchain epicenters but additional education will be provided there. Computer programming will also serve as a chief focus. As the future becomes more digitized every day, this is a tool that can serve African’s throughout their life.

In addition to programming, our epicenters are going to provide the ability to learn the primary fundamentals of mining and allow for Africans to gain first-hand experience on how to set up a miner and secure the Epic blockchain for its users.

Some of our youngest and attentive students — enjoying their education.

3D printing will also be taught and enjoyed at our Epicenters. Epic will be one of the first places across the continent that allows for education on how to 3D print materials and will allow students to combine their love for the Epic blockchain, learning, programming, and 3D printing all together.

Drones will also be used and experimented with at the Epicenters. Providing Africans with their first experience in many cases with this technology and new innovative ways will be explored on how this technology can benefit the people there. These educational tools are exactly how we show the power of the free-market and exemplify the worthlessness that is state waste; moreover, private money [Epic Cash] can allow individuals to use our project to help their community and themselves individually despite the imaginary lines they’re born within. This potent tool is changing the world and this is just the beginning of the promise of the Epic Cash blockchain and our great team.

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