Steembirds and Steem Sisters Collaboration?? Stay Tuned!

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Hi Friends!

We’ve met a lot of cool people at the @steemcreators conference - but some of the coolest are definitely the @steembirds (@jaybird and @dan-atstarlite)

We literally sat down and wrote a song together after the conference and will be surprising everyone with the song tomorrow!

Watch for a video of that coming soon. ;)

XO, Lea


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Very cool!

As a Torontonian I feel so bad for not being able to attend the conference :/. I love how the Steem community is growing around here though.

I am looking forward to the song my friend @coruscate

That’s a great combo! Can’t wait to hear the song :)

Perfect place to gather some great ideas....

Hmm, I'm smelling some instrumentals. Drop it like is hot!

relax time

Oh wow! thats really awesome @coruscate ! I cant wait to hear it!✌😍🎵🎶🎼🎤🎤🎤

I hope I also get the chance to attend the conference next time.


I hope I also
Get the chance to attend the
Conference next time.

                 - swapnilporwal

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Looks like a perfect day, except some beers are missing ;D

Sorry about stealing @coruscate away during the time you thought you could rehearse. She was a great asset for the pitch party!

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Great to see you gals and guys meeting up! :)