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Good Morning Family. I joined the fight against the misusing rate of steemchurch tags by steemians and the rate of plagiarism.

You could check out the link here to join the Quest

Also check out this link to Join the STEEMCOURT contest Giving away Free SBDs to participants.

I also decided to make designs to portray Judgement made by our Chief Justice @Hboi.

GENERAL stamp.jpg


not guilty masked.jpg

guilty masked.jpg





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These designs are beautiful and innovative.
Thank you @eromose-le for pledging to fight against abuse of Steemchurch tag.
Your resourcefulness to Steemchurch has not gone unnoticed.

Upvoted and resteemed

Thanks. As I will continue to do my best and to ensure the growth our great community #STEEMCHURCH.

The court see no need going to get stamp from the market because a parishioner got it done for the court, @eromose-le sincerely appreciate your design and it "ll be very useful for the court.

Thank you

Thanks court. I was same parishioner who designed a stamp for steemchurch earlier.
Am happy to be of use.

Beautiful stamps brothers, excellent design, God bless your talent.

minha firma.png

Amen. Thanks @michellechristie

Nice job brother, plagairism is guilty.
So let the stamp bounce on their head.

Lols .. Thanks mate

Good one, they are very lovely and wonderful..... Weldone @eromose-le

They are really lovely, please can I use them for posts as regard my activities as a selected team?

I designed them for steemcourt. So it now steemcourt's property boss.
Our chief Justice @Hboi would be the right person to authorise that.

A wonderful design.

A stamp is indeed what the court need now.

Great design, you have done a great job.

Thanks boss. I thought as much. Since a team has finally been put together to fight against steemchurch tag abusers.

What an amazing design you got there @eromose-le really take time to put it lovely....

Thanks for acknownledging @jogawu.😊

This designs are super fantastic, keep up the good work dear

Thanks alot @cherylsonty
I could make use of a few lecture from you 😊