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RE: Week #23: How Do You Make Friends In Steemit?

The best thing you can do on steemit to make more "friends" is just to stay active. This means commenting. Sure post your post you like that day or even once every other day, but comment comment comment. And don't leave some crap comment. Actually read someone's post. I read the entirety of what you just posted (except the Spanish part) hahaha but you're also spot on, you want to talk about steemit with the people you know in real life because in reality they will also be the people that interact with you most. But I find that when someone leaves a meaningful comment on my page I interact with them, get to know them and then go to their page and if I find I like their stuff I'll follow them. Gaining active followers is the key to steem and to gain those active nice followers you need to be active and nice!!!

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Yes, you are absolutely right, we have to be active to maintain and improve ourselves in terms of our expectations.

Yeah if you find someone that says steemit is impossible, and go to their account and they only have 50 comments well they aren't trying lol. To help yourself, start by helping others. Kind words go a long way!

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Wise words from you. Thank you very much!