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Hi I am just starting out in the crypto world and I think I made a huge mistake that has cost me $400 already.
Yesterday, I tried to purchase some STEEM coins in the following way:

  1. I put some cash into my CEX.IO account via my credit card.
  2. I purchased 100 Litecoins through CEX.IO.
  3. I opened a wallet on BlockChain.
  4. I went to the website Changelly and exchanged 100 LTC for 5749.357 Steem at a fee of 28.891 Steems
  5. Changelly gave me an address to deposit the 100 LTC.
  6. I went to my CEX.IO account and withdrew the 100 LTC and pasted the address provided by Changelly.
  7. CEX.IO confirmed the transaction as successful
  8. One minute later the Changelly message changed from awaiting payment to this transaction failed.
  9. Now the Changelly site says - Sorry the transaction was not completed.Changelly.JPG

Where are the 100 LTC COINS???? Can I retrieve them???

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hmmmm...this doesn't look good....what worries me is that it says ETH which is Ether.....
LTC stands for Litecoins.


Thanks for noticing - I posted the wrong failed transaction. That was another one I also tried.

First thing to do: contact the support, help centre of CEX.IO and expose them your issue... I'm sure they can help. I remember that my first transaction on a similar site took me some time and worries. No panic... Just contact them and let us know


I tried that. They said....Please be informed that crypto transactions are irreversible. That is why we kindly ask you to withdraw your funds to an external wallet that is yours, otherwise your funds won't be returned to CEX.IO.







I've never used Changelly. Is there a support number to call or help desk at Changelly?

If you are interested in cooperation or have any suggestions
for us, drop a message to


Is there an easier way to do this for her?


I've sent them 2 messages, with no reply.

The steem user @matrixdweller posts frequently about perhaps he can help. I haven't used that service yet.

I usually practice with small amounts before sending a large sum. The reality is that the human mind is not well suited for smartmoney (crytocurrency) transactions. They are too obtuse, incomprehensible, poorly documented and unforgiving.

There is hope still. If you nit pick over the scores of human actions you performed to send the smartmoney, you may find a discrepancy with what you thought you did that solves the problem. The mind is like that.

They do have a steemit account at @changelly. Maybe they'll see this notification or might be worth putting a reply on one of their steemit posts...see if that's an easier way to get in touch with them.

I know not all the exchanges have a person manning their steemit account, but at least some do like @blocktrades.

I hope everything gets worked out for you!

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