Steemcleaners Summary for Week 19

in steemcleaners •  10 months ago

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Abuse Reports Submitted for the Week

Abuse TypeReported
Comment Spam158
Cybersecurity Threats19
Identity Theft/Deception26
Photo/Image Plagiarism549
Tag Abuse112
Tag Spam6
Unverified Identity26
Grand Total1600

Abuse Reports Responded to for the Week

Abuse TypeAcceptedIn ReviewRejectedGrand Total
Comment Spam15791248
Cybersecurity Threats42226
Identity Theft/Deception35210
Photo/Image Plagiarism580270850
Tag Abuse18818206
Tag Spam369
Unverified Identity11819
Grand Total1602137132328

Note: Mentions of @steemcleaners most likely will not be received. Please report all abuse via the web form. and use Discord to contact members of the team.

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Good report, as always...

This is a HUGE amount of work you have worked on this week, wow! Very impressive, I must say.

Thanks a lot for all this incredibly arduous work and its accomplishments.

Namaste :)

You guys are doing a great deal of work in trying to rid the community of undesirable elements. Well done 👍

Hey the following account is spamming
The heck out of many accounts posts


Please use our form to submit any reports:

Thank you


Will do👍
Thank you for fast response!

Good work as always 👍
Our community needs this service and I thank u for providing it!

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