Contest Update: We're Giving Away DOUBLE the STEEM!

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This is an exciting time for @Steemcleaners and for the STEEM ecosystem in general! We had so many great entries that we decided to double the rewards!

1st Place = 200 STEEM

2nd Place = 100 STEEM

3rd Place = 50 STEEM

Click Here for Contest Rules and Information!

  • Please note that this is NOT a tag contest -- we need you to comment with your entry for us to receive it!
  • Note that by submitting an image to the contest you are granting the @Steemcleaners team the rights to your image.

Current Entries

We've had some amazing entries thus far in our Avatar Contest. Here they are so far and more are coming in. All the participants have done a great job!

Please note that these have not been checked for similarities to pre-existing entities and works. That will be done during the evaluation phase.

Several entries are currently being reworked by their creators due to their incorporation of the Steemit Inc logo. The seafoam green Steemit logo is copyrighted and may not be used. We will do another update highlighting the complete list of entries.

@trydailyAdd heading (1).png
@skapaneasocopeye outer text. test diamentions and fixes color 1 300x300.png
@yesayeSteem Cleaners.png
@udinlingkunganSTEM CLENER.png
@atim1234300 x 300.png
@abdulmananSteem clearner.png
@crittercratsSteem cleaners avatar with bk.png
@novalbarosaProject Capture (13).jpg
@matytanRed eyes.png
@cesar.oatlogo steem (1).png
@melvadglogo steemit clean2.png
@daryjeanAvatar 300X300.png
@abdulmanansteem cleaner concept 2.jpg
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Here's my avatar.
I created a lot more branding stuff for you: Check it out!

Small Version


THIS is graphic design.


thanks for your support @condra!

Here you go gyus! Thx for your amazing job here on steem!

Click on image to enlarge

Click on image to enlarge


I love this one. Color scheme is similar to the current one. Great job.


That was my intention :)


Awesome :) Did you take a look at Curie Logo Design Contest? I think you could create a great logo for that too. There are 200 Steem in the pot.


Thx man, I will have a look!


Simple and well defined!!! 👍


Yeah, that's the plan. The cleaners clean, so everything must be clean!




That was my intention :)

Hello steemcleaners

Here are my ideas for the first / new Avatar for your steemit Profile.

The Idea

steemcleaners stands for successful plagiarism and spam control on the Steem Blockchain. This should also be reflected directly in the visual language. I have thought about the block chain and the topic of cleanliness in the new avatar. The block chain in the outer area and inside the topic cleaners...



Larger View:

enter image description here



Excelente hermano, muy profesional tu diseño..

Here's my entry for @steemcleaners avatar contest:

And here is my post that explains why I chose to make a kingfisher steemcleaner avatar.

Here is my entry

Everything can be changed to your liking

Here is my Submission !!


Wow so cool to be featured 1st Thanks a Bunch.

Hope everyone enjoys my entry

Many take the name cleaners literally and try to incorporate a cleaning company look but I think this look is best to try and show what its all about a group of intellectuals working together online to educate and maintain.

This is my contribution Avatar contest for @steamcleaner
First choice
steemcleaner avatar transparant.png

300 x 300

in the first option can be combined with various baground, as desired.

Second Choice
steemcleaner avatar.png

300 x 300

on the second option I think is suitable for the combination of both core and baground


contests suitable for good designers.
keep working, never give up.


hahaha Lol I am just a beginner who wants to try and participate in the contest. thanks @febby for support.


great avatar i hope you @endatu get attention @steemcleaners
good jobs


thanks @ikhsan2408 for support
i hope so too.


Excelente hermano.. mucha suerte...


gracias @cesar.oat oren por mí para ser el mejor,
por favor vota si no te importa.

Simple and elegant
P.s I have the Png 201.jpg


I like 'simple and elegant' :) great work. Did you take a look at Curie Logo Design Contest? I'm sure you could come up with a great design for that too. And there are 200 Steem in the pot ;)


How do i know that my entry has been submitted to the contest?


Tienes que esperar que ellos la verifique.. Solo tienes que esperar que publiquen otro post con todos los participantes..


Okay thanks


Ya son muchos los diseños buenos.. Buena suerte amigo..

I also take steps in making this. and this is my result


Haha, this is really awesome :D


Here's an opponent that suits you best




Hello guys. This is my graphic design idea for this contest. I used Corel Draw exclusively.
Thanks for putting up such an amazing contest.


I like it. But you should replace the STEEMIT logo. You could use the Steem logo.


Ok, on it.

I got inspired by the iconic superman shield. Sometimes one letter is enough.


Very minimalist and cool! Great concept.


Thank you :) I hope its not too simple. People often think minimalistic designs are done with less effort.


Minimalist designs actually require a lot of thinking and brainstorming!
btw my suggestion would be to maybe add some sponge detailing (few circles of darker yellow) and add a "shine" effect on the clean part.


This is how it looks like in action (48x48 px):


So, the yellow rectangle is a sponge?


THE WINNER for Steemcleaners Clothes



Upvote me plis

Here's my submission, I read the rules but I think enough modifications were made to still qualify for the contest:

Helal olsun kardesim 😎


Me gusta tu diseño. Se ve muy profesional y fresco.. Mucha suerte hermano..


Muchas gracias hermano :D

This is my entry and I hope you enjoy it.

The Avatar

Page Cover

Design Process

This is my original work
P A S = Plagiarism Abuse spam
Two hands = Figthing

steem cleaners6b.jpg

thanks @steemcleaners for the opportunity. This design represents our entry

Size 300x300

Size 73x73 (option 1)

Size 73x73 (option 2)

Here is a link to the in depth version, including process shots.


Ese gato tiene aptitud..

this is a logo that I created myself, hopefully this logo can be used, thanks

Good Day @steemcleaners i just have some modification for my entry

update copy.png
update2 copy.png






Thank You!

Thank you @steemcleaners, that's great news! All the best to all the participants, may the best logo win!

This is my contribution to @steemcleaners Avatar Contest
Here is My Work


This logo is created by me.Steamcleaners 2.png

Not a master, but just try it already
300x300 px
logoww (1).png

73x73 px (1).png

Hola amigos la competencia esta muy fuerte y los diseños son muy buenos, difícil tarea para escoger a los ganadores...

Avatar SC RELOAD 300x300.png
aquí les dejo el enlace pala mi post de entrada


buen diseño amiga le deseo suerte.


It really goes with the general concept of @steemcleaners, good luck.


muchas garcias @angeldark su comentario me anima.


I really like this concept, it looks very integrated.


ciertamente trate de pensar en todo y aún cuando fue muy difícil, siento que hice algo bueno o pro lo menos eso espero.


I like your proposal, I wish you good luck.


a detective with his magnifying glass looking for frauds, the connection with the blockchain, authority plates, and ornate @steemcleaners, I like the concept well thought out, deserves to comment.


si @bastardo intente colocar la mayoria de los conceptos de @steemcleaners, ya que es una autoridad en steem trato de colocar detalles importantes. gracias por su comentario.

my entry....

thanks for update.......
well done

My logo for Steemcleaners contest:


300x300 PNG format


73x73 PNG format

My post for Steemcleaners contest:

Excellent..! the competition is hard. Very good designs. Good luck for everybody

The law

my entry for this amazing contest :)

My entryIMG-20180213-WA0008.jpg

i dont understand the contest please


Just make logo and win prize


How to apply regenin?


You have to create an avatar (that's the small image next to your user name). You could use Photoshop or Illustrator or any other graphics software. You should export it as a .png-file, 300x300 px. Make sure it looks good in low resolution.
If you win, you get 200 Steem. If you come in 2nd place: 100 Steem, 3rd: 50 Steem. You have to post your image until February 15. This is the link for the contest:

is the contest close for now @steemcleaners ?


Not yet, February 15, 12pm EST. Right now its February 14, 10pm.

Greetings brother thank you for the update of the contest a thousand blessings to follow the success

Contribute to the Avatar Contest @steemcleaners


Just wanted to give it a try so,
here is my entry:

Wow... good luck to the contenders!

Hey guys, was wondering when the results would be announced? Thanks!


February 22nd. It's going to hard to choose!


Wow, thanks for the quick response!
This is exciting, can't wait!