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RE: Identity & Content Verification Guide: When to Ask and When Not To

The timing of this post is perfect for me as for the first time I may question/call out a post. Post has earned good money in 12 hours. Someone has already asked for verification a few hours ago as the content in the post is identical to that which is in a book the commenter found in a book. Waiting to see how the info plays out from both parties.


Did they claim to be the author of the book? If so I would say verification would be warranted in that situation. At least something that proves the name they wrote the book under ( remember many writers use pen names, as an example JK Rowling uses a male Pen name as well )

If the content was used as additional information which is placed in quotes (probably should be sourced) than verification would be out of line.

My opinions of course.

Nope - from what I saw, basically the whole post was content from a book verbatim. The poster did not use quotes or mention a source. The commenter pasted a picture of the content from the book and asked for verification.

I see @steemcleaners has commented in the post so it's on the radar now.