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RE: Plagiarism Guide

in #steemcleaners4 years ago

Hi @steemcleaners, i have a good question with the intention of not being considered a plagarism, iˋm learning to use an 3D software and iˋm makings tutorials that i found on internet and then show here my progress of what i learned, i always link the tutorial that iˋm using, is that ok or i must stop doing this? sorry for my bad english iˋm using my phone and i canˋt use google translator :-)


The links you are providing to the videos are fine. I've left you some advice here Steemit Gems (English/Spanish) Gemas Steemit

Great Post!

Thanks @patrice for the advice, i apreciate it, that make me feel better to know that iˋm no doing the things wrong.

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