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You handed everything to them on a silver platter and they do nothing? That is their job and it is not right. I guess they do not care about keeping this platform safe.


Oh Well.

Semoga ini bekerja dengan baik untuk menyingkirkan akun-akun yang berbahaya yang dapat merugikan para steemians..
Terimakasih @bullionstackers..atas informasinya...
Pekerjaan anda sungguh luar biasa...

Steemcleaner sepertinya tidak berfungsi

I think so, i don't know if they work manually or auto-bot. Sometimes they hit someone with nothing wrong with the post, and another time (as you make report) nothing is done.

Is this what we call decentralised platform? When nobody can protect us even we report it..i have no idea.

Totally right... What's the point of flagging the accounts and their posts if the phishers accounts are still able to spam everyone and to look for the next victim? I was hacked by hasnandaputra and the only one who was penalised was me as I lost money and reputation... But he is still free to phish around and wait for the next bait... There should be a strategy for that...

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Up vote for Visibility and help Reputation Back


Thank you so much 😀👍

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Here is no setup for it

No strategy with them I guess

I don't know why they can't flag Phisher, It will bring down steemit.

Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

Indeed @bullionstackers
I seen many account did plagiarism. but, they still enjoy and surfing on Steemit. then, what job @steemcleacer do?