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Steemclan has been working on this key for weeks and I wanted to share what we've learned so far...

First, let's summarize part 1.

Check out this previous post by @blanchywhich, in more detail, covers the first part of this puzzles:

Part 2: Quickbrownfox (Bitmap Image)

Raw Materials

For solving part 2 we have a few raw materials.

  1. 2 paragraphs of text
  2. A Bitmap Image
  3. Hints from Twitter
  4. URL of this stage

1. 2 Paragraphs of Text

Sound waves shake every bone in your body and you see a shimmering object warp into existence in front of you, as if it was shaken out of a fold in some other dimension. It drops to the floor: a Russian nesting doll. It’s hard to look at, as though its partially obscured by some kind of chaotic field. A note written in nearly illegible chicken scratch falls next to it, as the song fades out:

This mustn’t fall into the wrong hands. You were always more devout than I was. ESV Luke 12:2, first three words, and then last 5 words. Guard what you receive jealously.

2. A Bitmap Image


3. And some Twitter hints

  1. Think hard about the nature of Matryoshka dolls. Many of you are very close.
  2. Dictionary attacks are most useful not as a truly brute-force method, but when you’re pretty sure about something and just need to make sure you’ve covered all your bases

4. URL of this stage

Theories for Solving

Assume the 4 raw materials is everything we need to solve this. Also assume underneath the covered region is a QR code, which will lead to another page on

ImageMagick Convert Decipher

ImageMagick has a built in utility to decipher specific rectangular regions of images. (

We can test this tool to create an example.





Assuming this is the right method, we need to figure out two things:

  1. The correct passphrase.
  2. The size of the enciphered region(s)


We think the passphrase would be derived from the 2 paragraphs of text, or the "quickbrownfox" phrase in the URL.

The most obvious phrase is made from the first 3 words and last 5 words of the ESV Luke 12:2 bible version. "Nothing is covered that will not be known".

We created a script to generate all kind of variations of this phrase. All caps, all lower case, no punctuation, no white space.

Other theories are:

  • phrases taken directly from the 2 paragraphs of text
  • Completing the Quick Brown Fox ... Jumped Over the Lazy Brown Dog
  • Other bible verses
  • 2-Byte words from the BMP image header

Region Size

The simplest region size is the whole scrambled region.

Another possibility is splitting the region horizontally in two halves, like a Russian doll.

Yet another possibility is multiple layers of different size (like an onion)

Yes another possibility is multiple layers of identical size stacked on top of each other)


The Earth Key remains elusive. The tools and parameters we've tried have failed to uncover the center of the Russian doll. Either our tools, pass phrases, or parameters are incorrect. Once we find the right combination, the full image should reveal itself, and we'll move to the next step.

That's a quick summary of what has been attempted so far. I will edit this post to clarify or add information. Like, how to set up and use ImageMagick to encipher or decipher images.

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