Steemcircle's Daily feature #026: It's all about Gardening, Music & Literature!

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Greetings everyone!

Today’s featured posts are about gardening, music, & literature!

What do I want to achieve with Steemcircle project? Each day, we will scout the Steemit platform in search for the best content creators. It doesn’t have a specific theme or category. The main criteria that we will look into is that the post has to be relevant to the improvement of the live of a person or group of persons.

Important reminders

  • We will curate for original contents only
  • Place a source link for photo if they are not yours

Feature post #01


Please visit the post entitled "Some fresh parsley to grow all winter" by @ewasteguy1

Feature post #02


Please visit the post entitled "The heart orchestra evolution (literally). + The human heart song" by @alexbiojs

Feature post #03


Please visit the post entitled "You and I" by @chinyerevivian

That’s all I have for now folks! See you on the upcoming days for any update on the curation project.

much love,

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The human heart song post is really informative. Good job👍

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