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Hello friends, I'm @windermarin
We take up again the time of series to learn. I hope you are very blessed.


The relationship you have with God is already in itself, pleasing in his eyes. Focus on the beliefs and behaviors that strengthen the relationship you have with Him


The most important thing of all is that you must know that you are the son of God. You must look at your relationship with God in the same way that He does.


Something I can tell you is Have faith.

In this context, "faith" means believing in God and believing that God will fulfill the promises he makes in his time.

Your faith should be the basis of your Christian life and any good thing that God guides you to do and that you do to please God.

The more you strengthen your faith each day, the more sincere you will become in your desire to please God.


You must accept the grace of God. All human beings are born in sin and are not perfect.

to follow Christ in his grace is a key component to please God


Be afraid of God

Fearing God does not mean that you should be fearing divine punishment. NO.

In this context, "fear" is a kind of respect and reverence. To fear God, you must simply acknowledge the power and authority he has over everything else.


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God is wonderful @windermarin, our relationship with him must be sincere, intimate, he is willing to love us without reproach until the end. Only his grace sustains us.