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Today I want us to reflect on the couple we have built in this walk of love; I would say rather, about our attitude to couple reality today. I must make it clear that I am referring to the original couple - male and female - some may like the clarification, but I cannot go against what I think and believe.

Today the subject of a couple is very fashionable and even forgets the importance that she has as a foundational basis of a family. I want us to touch three of the many points that exist in relation to the couple:


You have to be clear and know that your partner is above others, making it clear that it happens when you start a family through marriage. I'm not talking about boyfriends and so on. When you start a family you join the person who will accompany you in the daily walk; the problem happens when children are placed over the partner, believing that it is justifiable to isolate the man or woman by exaggerating lyforeing their role as a father or mother.

I'm not saying that you don't have to love children, it's more about knowing how to balance love, knowing that your partner should always have priority. I also don't want us to leave children abandoned for "living" as a couple. The extremes will always be harmful; if we are adults to have children, we will also be adults to know how to live together. I've talked about children, but let's not forget that in other cases the couple is below dad, mom, siblings, friends, work, etc.


We all have the right to our space and the couple are no stranger to this need. We are so busy with the labors of the home, our role as a father or mother, work, mission and so on that we forget that the person with which I started a life project deserves to enjoy with me in a space just for both of us.

I'm not denying that he's having a hard time with his kids, friends, but it's also time for a dinner of two, a two-way walk, a movie for two and a lot of things the couple knows he can share. Forgetting to spend time as a couple is allowing a relationship to oxidize and the moment you want to resume it may be a little traumatic.


The mistake commonly made in the relationship is to believe that he or she should be just like me. It's not about alienating yourself thanks to your partner, it's more that you know how to recognize that each one comes from a different story and that the way to express love will not be exactly like yours; with this I'm not saying that you have to accept humiliations because the difference is that one is violent and the other is not. I'm talking about manageable differences that can be used for the good of a relationship. The more you look for your partner to be the way you want her and don't accept that there will always be a difference, the relationship won't advance.

Relationships are not simple, for with love comes pain too, but a natural pain not one that goes against your dignity; Today he discovers that gift that is the person who accompanies your life and recognizes that the history they build will always be their happy ending.

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