10 Wonderful Keys to Happiness

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It's in our hands to achieve what we want. It's up to us to get it with a lot of responsibility...



The discoveries that science makes every day with a lot of effort help us to live much better. Researchers have invested about 70 years or more in studying happy and non-happy people, and apparently believe they have discovered the factor or factors that in one way or another determines this condition in humans. Next I will present in a series of 10 posts the main keys that are at least created by studies are the reason for it. Some specialists who are experts in the field reportedly hold genes accountable for 50% of the temperament, and the rest is determined by other factors.

2- Ambition

What and how much material things and goods does an erone need to achieve full happiness? In the 1980s, renowned Canadian professor Alex Michalos asked a number of 18,000 students from 39 countries to calculate their happiness level on a numerical scale and assess how close they were to owning it by getting everything they really wanted to do so. Those whose needs - not necessarily monetary, but on the plane related to friendship, loving relationships, family, work, health, etc. - resulted in very high what they already possessed, the trend resulted in them being less happy than they were those who received a minor difference. The study resulted in the assessment, a happiness level doubled by five (05) times higher in terms of the monetary income that these received

This proves as a result that the level of happiness of each individual is not always in most of the time linked to the acquired monetary level.

Ambition is not always entirely good, we must be aware of what we have ambitions and desire without losing the rational and human part with which we came into the world. Ambition is not bad, contrary to the question if we ambition anything good is a good position at work, a car, a house, any other material good and in order to obtain it we pass over those around us, regardless of principles, ethical and moral values , feelings etc, that's when we act in a bad way. However what we have ambitions is linked by a good effort of our own but without bad intentions and with good moral and principled bases showing your qualities that deserve to be rewarded for such effort, then if it is worth ambition any of these Things. As we must also bear in mind that we are leaving as we came, without material goods or luxuries or anything like that.

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