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Ladies and gentlemen of the SteemChurch

'Peace be with you!'


This Knight has been absent of late, and for this he apologises.

For the past week (almost an eternity in crypto time) this Knight has been writhing in spiritual conflict.

'Remember your mission SirKnight - spreading the love of God AND... fighting evil in whatever form it might take.'

The evil grows now. And it no longer hides in the shadows.

An all-out attack on Christianity is imminent!

Our job as Christians here on Steemit - to promote and PROTECT the word of God.


Effective immediately - SteemChurch has commissioned the full upload of the entire Holy Bible to the blockchain.

Whilst a paper book is wonderful - it can only seed the spirit of one person at a time. The Holy Bible is available on websites and these can seed more. However, when evil strikes - these sites will be targeted first.

To ensure a higher level of protection for the word of God, the decentralised blockchain is our modern day reliquary.



This Knight had initially taken it upon himself to ensure that this epic task be completed. However, in what some might consider a moment of divine intervention, it was made very clear...

'SirKnight, this is not your task - this mission belongs to the insightful one.'

For those parishioners who have been with us from the start - you will recall who the insightful one is.

Brother Tikhub - Apostle of Blockchain!

Brother Tikhub has graciously agreed to take up this gargantuan challenge.

Over the coming months and years he will post daily to the newly created @reliquary account. Starting with the NEW TESTAMENT he will ensure the deeds of Jesus Christ are recorded for eternity on the blockchain. Following this he will then go back and publish the books of the OLD.


Please join with Brother Tikhub daily and read along with him. Add your comments, your concerns, your reflections.

#steemchurch #bible #reliquary

SteemChurch is shaping the future of Christianity - in our own reformation.

A date has now been set for Hardfork 20 - September 25th. A final stepping stone to Beatitudes. And whilst we would all have liked our blessings sooner - we must humbly respect the timing for this, which is being set in the heavens.

This Knight understands that we are not the only instruments God is working through; and, that all his armies must be readied to unite at once.

Be well, be strong and be loved.

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Your are truly shaping the face of christianity in our generation.Our saviour Jesus Christ expectation is to see His word reach every soul and through blockchain and your help we are on course....May God grant @tikhub the grace and strength to keep building the walls for christ and God bless you too sir

Go high @sirknight
Go high #steemchurch

This is an excellent idea @sirknight. We remember that the word will be that seed that will bring freedom to many lives. I walk towards true freedom.

Great congratulations to Brother @tikhub , God will provide wisdom revelation and there will be his understanding for the diffusion of the word of God in the blockchain.

Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.
Matthew 24:35

Great development

Anything engraved on blockchain cannot be deleted

We need the word of God to be engraved in our hearts

Nice initiative boss

Friend! I tell you about an anecdote that I read some time ago: "An African prince visited the Queen of England to ask him what was the secret of the greatness of that Country". She kindly answered by taking a Bible from her desk and said: This is the secret!

You know that the greatness of SteemChurch is for the spreading of the holy word. Do not forget that!

Good Initiative, I will be aware of what the Apostle @tikhub publishes

You are right @sirknight all his armies must reunite as one and take over the world
Its time we make every heart a church of Christ
God will strengthen everyone to be make impact on this quest

A wonderful initiative sir.

We must all support this this 💯💪.

You are really shaping the future of Christianity and the best that has happened to all Christians on blockchain.

Thanks for leading us and for showing us the right path.

It is wonderful to see the level on which God is taking @steemchurch, congratulations @sirknight for being an instrument to glorify the name of God here on earth.

Effective immediately - SteemChurch has commissioned the full upload of the entire Holy Bible to the blockchain.

It is good to have you back our amicable @sirknight,this is such a great job you are doing here on steemchurch.Keep up the good work.cheers!!!!

This is a wonderful initiative. May the Lord grant you more strength bro @tikhub

Great work Sirknight, what joy that after several days of absence, find and wonderful news and such great activities.

God bless the steemchurch
God bleess you @sirknight

God bless you @sirknight for your good work.

God takes care of everyone. But we should also do something about you....

This is a great initiative.

A wonderful initiative Sir, We are progressing!!


That's the word-- "progressing". More grace to you Apostle @tikhub on this noble task on your shoulder. It's a great initiative @Sirknight. God bless you

every day God is molding @steemchurch to his perfect will, thanks @sirknight for being a leader who knows how to listen to the Lord, thanks @tikhub for his service to the church, they will undoubtedly get their reward.

We pray that God will continue to fill you with his divine wisdom. Thank you @sirknight and thanks to all the apostles for their great work.

Great news @sirknight good to have you back, you've always got the best for all the believers. Keep up with the Good works will look up to the new handle and new posts.

I am very proud of SteemChurch and the initiatives it publishes. Each day has increased more my reading of the Bible and with this initiative will be greater blessing.

Thanks SK
the bible will be very well guarded. I did this for you, sir. I hope you enjoy it

@steemchurch promotes true Christianity: bring freedom to hearts, get people out of their own jails and this is done only through the word that is sharper than a double-edged sword. @sirknight is being part of the revelation divine.

God bless you @sirknight and the entire steemchurch. Shalom.

Heaven is indeed happy for this great thing our @sirknight is putting up. What a great promotion to the body of Christ!

I pray for grace upon our brother @tikhub

uploading the entire bible unto the blockchain ie really a herculean task, but i pray God will grant you the strenght to bear this task to completion. success @tikhub

Powerful message, powerful initiative, great that good, from Asgard I bless them

Thank you for this initiative sirknight friend, the word of God is the true freedom for man and nations.

This is a great initiative, congrats brother @tikhub

God bless you immensely for your unfailing love towards the spread of gospel and your humanitarian deeds...
@tikhub for God's grace richly abides with you in carrying out this great tasks.

Where is the holy bible there is hope of freedom and victory, I congratulate you SK for this new initiative

Having the Bible on the blockchain is great, will endeavor people to read the Bible verses mre!!

I'm new here and I'm so glad there is a community for Christians, congratulations on this new so glad I'm at the right place