SirKnight's Friday reflection - via eSteem

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Ladies and Gentlemen of the SteemChurch,

'Peace be with you.'

Tonight, this Knight reflects from the lounge, on his mobile, as JuniorKnight battles foe on the PC.

Is it reflection tonight? Or it extreme patience?

Whatever it is, this Knight is determined to give eSteem a crack.


1 - This Knight patiently awaits a crypto recovery.

2 - Patiently awaiting Hardfork 20.

3 - Patiently awaiting the release of our holy Beatitudes. (Thankyou @isaacfem for another awesome billboard)


4 - Patiently awaiting the Chimaera blockchain rebrand and launch.

5 - Patiently awaiting another 1000% rise in the EOS RAM price.

6 - Patently being patient.

A prayer to St Anthony.

It is not just blockchain testing the patience of this Knight. Earlier this week SirKnight had his keys go missing.



Not those keys. These keys.


Lost at sword and mace practice

As almost all here will attest - there is nothing quite so annoying as losing your car keys.

That night however, whilst calm, composed, yet slightly vexed, this Knight prayed to Saint Anthony - the patron Saint of lost things.

'Dear Saint Anthony, help me please; some little bugger, has walked off with my keys.'

Alas, 24 hours later, this Knight's keys were returned. Thank you Saint Anthony.

Does this post qualify as a Ulog?

Enjoying the new feel eSteem.

Be well brothers and sisters and know that soon our patience will be rewarded.


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I am glad that @sirknight has developed the fruit of patience, Hebrews 12: 1 tells us to run "with patience the race that lies ahead". George Matheson wrote, "We commonly associate patience with" lying down. " We have him as an angel who keeps the sofa of an invalid person. But there is a patience that is even more difficult - the patience that can run. Resting in times of anguish, being still while under the stroke of adverse fortune implies great strength. But I know something that implies a greater force: it is the power to continue working under tension; to have a great sorrow over your heart and still, keep running; having a deep anguish in your spirit and, at the same time, continue fulfilling your daily tasks. This is what it is to be like Christ. Waiting for the blessings!

No rest for the warriors of God sister. We merely hold our ground until the next battle begins.


Am very happy that you have got your keys back.

@isaacfem designs are the the best in the church and we are lucky to have him here with us.

Patience is the key Sir, learn alot from you sir.

Long live @sirknight.

If God told you, "in advance", how many years would you have to wait for your wishes or dreams to come true, I would give you faint! That's why God does not tell you! It just tells you, "Wait. I keep my word. I'm not in a hurry. With the passage of time, I am preparing you so that you are ready to receive the promise. "So, it is good that patience is a virtue given by God, they say that their tree has bitter roots but its fruits are very sweet. the token image.

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I'm very sure and positive that crypto will make a wholesome recovery. We are still weathering the storm. I'm pretty sure it will reap huge benefits in the end. St Anthony remains the patron Saint for recovering misplaced items. God works through his saints and angels. Thank God you were able to recover your keys through his intercession.

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Clearly, patience does not develop overnight in the life of a believer. The power of God and goodness are crucial for the development of patience in His children. Colossians 1:11 tells us that we are strengthened by Him for "all patience and long-suffering," while James 1: 3-4 encourages us to know that trials are His way of perfecting our patience.
I understand SK, for what happened, I also lost my keys and it's annoying ... we have to have a lot of patience, as well as the patience to wait for the steem to be the same, greetings SirKnight

I like these keyrings Brother DM.


These are cool keychains.

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I'm also patiently waiting forever launch of SMT and anticipating our own steemchurch beatitudes

I'm happy you were able to found the car keys. Thank God and thanks to Saint Anthony.

Many a thing can annoy a person, keeping calm and not losing your cool is a virtue that is rare in those moments.

& yes this can definitely count as a U-log, in fact I am so happy to see you using this fantastic concept here that it make s me want to crack open a cold one and celebrate this moment.

U-logging shall help change everything on this platform and many other new front ends that exist and that are coming our way.


Well get cracking Brother Jack! And ulog about the taste.


We all know that booze and keyboards/mobile phones are not in any way a GOOD combination!

Yeah Great SC-witness @jackmiller,

U-logging shall help change everything on this platform and many other new front ends that exist and that are coming our way.

we have to educate the steemchurch parishioners and dig out the beauty of Ulog the steemchurch way.

Good thing you already got your keys dear leader, the fence is very beautiful thanks to @isaacfem. Many times when I have lost something valuable I asked the Holy Spirit of God to show me the place and I can give faith and testimony that always appears immediately.

minha firma.png

Amen, that is how it is

Thank God I can recover your keys dear leader SK, patience is a great thing that not everyone has, as the word of God says in:
Proverbs 14:29
The one who is patient shows great discernment;
the one who is aggressive shows a lot of nonsense

God bless you noble knight @sirknight

Glad that you find back your keys, I happened to lost my keys during the cause of the week too, but I'm happy to have found it exactly 24 hours after the loss.
I made a post about it because it was a miracle....

God bless sir Knight, do have a wonderful weekend.

Well, since its all about you, i am guessing it qualifies for a ulog. You are a ulogger, ulogging....yaaay.

And thank Goodness you got your keys back. Well, i would see this as a reflection. Seeing how far you've come and what you expect. Really a good thing to do. Re-evaluation i would call it. Have a beautiful and fun filled weekend.

I better not mess with you, you wield a mace and a sword! Thats sooooo cool

We wait for similar things kind sir. Is there positive signs for the rise in value?

May be we'll have to create the category #ulog-steemchurch. Patience perfects all things @Sirknight. We won't faint. We'll keep the wait. It's worth it

Wait patiently for jehova and he answered me. Patience is an extraordinary vrtud of man, for example dreamers have to be patient people, because patience is also a fruit of success that will lead us to great goals @sirknight, thank you for your reflection.

Excellent that before all kingdom the patience in you. And there was no despair. It would be a good reason for anyone to despair. Thank God. He remained calm ... and then he was recompedded by giving him back his keys. (Life Experiences that Teach to Wait in Christ) @sirknight

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Greeting Sir. First of all. I would like to commend @isaacfem Designs. Its awesome and he is one of the graphic designers I fantacy about.

Patience is everything and also good quality of great men.
A quote

The patient Dog eats the fattest bone.

In anticipation on our holy Beatitudes. So excited. Long live our Leader @sirknight.
Long live #steemchurch.

I'hv got a package for you mice @sniffnscurry

SCURRY colored.jpg

Patience is a virtue "and it is a fruit of the Spirit, trust in God and that he will answer us, it is part of this, I am happy that God helped him to get his keys. @Sirknight, his idea is great.

Its good to hear from you @sirknight,I like how you have been helping steemchurch.Long life @sc-n,@sc-g,@sc-v,@steemchurch.Great post

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Patient is virtue. .....A patient dog already eat the fattest bone....
Thank God your keys are already with....
Talking about ulog.....your post fit in to ulogs....because is all about your life experience
God bless you @sirknight

Patience is a virtue.

we all are waiting for crypto recovery sk .... May god Bless you sk ...

Reflections from mobile can lead to a lot of damage. This is a very dangerous enemy.

Patience is a virtue, but when you expect something worthwhile, Thank you @Sirknight for helping your community and give you enough reasons to stay on track despite the difficult situations that occur. Blessed are you ... and it's good that you returned your keys.

Aggressiveness is not ours' because we are a holy nation and a royal priesthood.
Thank God you found the key.
We are patiencely patience because what is to come is beyond our mortal reasoning. #steemchurh all the way

That good reflection, I think patience is very necessary haha ​​I just got to eat at home and then go to a meeting that may be late because of problems in public transport! patience also for this !!! Ahh I still enjoy esteem!!!

Surely it'll


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The great virtue of patience dear gentleman, so we expect a change

The great virtue of
Patience dear gentleman, so
We expect a change

                 - martere

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I believe it is a ulog until you edit and give us the rest of the other key, sir. Lol! You need loads of patience to be patient.

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