SirKnight gives Apostles a great big THANK YOU - in Vblog0002

in steemchurch •  4 months ago

SirKnight SteemChurch Vblog - YouTube


YouTube link

(Correction - 1,090,000+ accounts not 190,000 sorry.)

DTube backup post to follow.

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The Apostles have been wonderful in discharging their duties. It was great hearing from you sirknight.
Have a blessed sunday.

First of all, thank you very much for saying those things about the apostles, I am happy to work here, and be part of a great family, and of course have a great friend and lioder as your SK, You are right Steemchurch has had a breakthrough in recent times. and as you say in the video the beatitudes will be a great blessing for everyone. As they were in the mountain sermon, it will still be here. Thank you again SK, and greetings to the other apostles.

Our apostles just as mentioned have been terrific.
And honestly, I'm happy that the knight himself is getting to us with video blogs lately... It's a great pleasure hearing from you.
Kind regards.

Steem church is awesome.
Keep steeming

Okay I thought the error was from me, but well waiting earnestly for the video @sirknight


Did it not work Jose?

It is humble to recognize the merit of others. Therefore, the legendary Knight SK does it with the apostoles of the block chain. Each apostle must recognize the degree of trust placed in them, in order to develop and develop the great vision of our main leader. There will always be a new cheese that moves each apostle. Blessings

God bless all the apostles and give them direction to carry this beautiful project. Thanks for mentioning them, gentleman @sirknight.

excellent videoblog friend @sirknight our dear apostles are a blessing for all the parishioners of the church, and have assumed their position with great responsibility, thanks for motivating us to the vblog dear friend SK.

God bless you!!

It is good to know about you more often SK .. The Apostles are Blessed for having a leader like you.

Bravo! to all the listed Apostles of the @Steemchurch. Remember:

The reward for hardwork is more work - Anonymous

The apostles are the main delegates of Steemchurch and the main piece in the campaign for freedom